Nuke’s Eighth Annual Bloggapalooza

Eight years ago, on the night of the MLB All-Star Game, Nuke’s News and Views was launched amid the hoopla and excitement that has accompanied the beginning of any great episode in modern history.


_eightfingers.jpgIt was decided that this blog would be unlike any other blog in the interwebs: a place where rational minds could meet to discuss the weighty issues of the day, politics, religion, poetry, and college football.


Have we succeeded?  The simple fact that the lights are still on and we are still here speaks volumes.  Just take a look at the “Reciprocated links” in the right-hand sidebar.  I’ve marked those blogs which are still active with an (a).  Many good blogs have fallen by the wayside.  They got tired, moved on, had major life changes that required that they no longer devote time to the website, passed away, or just said forget about it — I’m not making any difference anyway; and closed up shop.


So, please allow me a moment of self-congratulatory indulgence:  we’re still talking about the issues of the day, politics, religion, and college football.  But, we haven’t been without our share of changes.  Our resident poets, Murder of Ravens and Beto Ochoa have moved on.  And the Blog Artiste, Vimto, still drops by occasionally, but hasn’t had the opportunity to continue with his fine work as a political cartoonist.  I don’t know if I told y’all, but a few Christmases ago, Vimto sent me several of his original cartoon pieces that currently occupy a prominent spot on my office wall.  I hope I have not failed to thank you sufficiently for these treasured pieces, old friend.  And, our resident legal beagle, Theobromophile, has no doubt finished her Law School studies, and is waist deep in the pre-partnership legal jungle of generating billable hours.  She stopped by to comment recently, and it was certainly a pleasant surprise.  Good luck to you, Theo.  All the best.


The Swampess, and Robert D. are still hanging in there.  Nobody does a Global Warming putdown better than Robert D.  I mean it:  Nobody.   And Swampwoman, well what can I say.  I think she’s the finest writer we’ve ever had at Nuke’s.  You know, some people just have a way of putting on paper, digitally or otherwise, exactly what they are thinking, in a way that is entertaining, informative, succinct, and Southern.  That describes Swampwoman to a T.  I thank y’all for all your contributions these last 8 years at Nuke’s Popcorn Stand.


And my oldest of Blog Amigos, no2liberals, has hung with me for the entire Octo-Adventure.  Thanks, Bud.  You’re the best.  I hope OU and MSU meet in the 2015 Championship game.  Since that game will be held at AT&T in Arlington, you can bet we will both be there.  In fact, I plan on crashing over at his crib for Championship Weekend.


Most of all, thanks to our readers.  Without you, it would get mighty lonesome.


Here’s to the next 8.






3 Responses

  1. Dang, with hands like that I want you catching Trevor Knight’s passes.

    Hard to believe it has been eight years already. Still my first stop in the morning with my first cup of coffee.

    The fact that there is no pressure and is here for our enjoyment and information is what makes this blog special. We’ve met some fine folks along the way and will meet more in the future. Sadly, some have gone on to a better place, such as the wonderful gentleman I wrote about, James Baxter. I learned recently he passed away two years ago and I’m certain he is enjoying the peace a warrior and missionary deserve.

    My very first post EVER was this one on 8 Dec 06. Having never written for public consumption before, I have learned a great deal concerning presentation and how to express myself and am grateful to Nuke for allowing me to put my collection of pixels on his blog.

    To many more years, Nuke and congratulations.

    P.S.: Here’s what it would take to get tickets to the MNC at Jerry’s Death Star. My plasma will do me just fine.

    • Jim Baxter, may he rest in peace.

      • A graveside memorial service for James Baxter was held July 13, 2012 at Oakwood Memorial Park in Chatsworth, CA. A tribute to James Baxter was shared by his son, Kurt Baxter.

        He visited here a few times and we shared many emails over the years. About five years ago our exchanges came fewer and fewer. I knew with his advanced age what had probably happened and why we no longer were in touch.
        He taught school for 30 years after serving in two wars, then became a missionary. He touched so many lives.

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