Game week, baby. What can I say.

You want to hear superlatives and over used cliches, go somewhere else. None of that shite here.

Five of my Bullies have garnered pre-season all-sec recognition.


Leading the way for the Maroon and White was preseason All-America sophomore defensive lineman Chris Jones, who was named to the second-team defense. Redshirt junior Benardrick McKinney was also named to the second team, while senior defensive back Jamerson Love was selected to the third team. Redshirt junior quarterback Dak Prescott and senior Jameon Lewis earned third-team accolades on offense.  source


We open the season at home against Southern Miss.  Mrs. Nuke and I plan to be camping down on the Bogue Chitto River for the weekend, so I’ll have my trusty radio tuned to Bulldog Radio Network, with the TV back home set to record the action. (sec network- ch 611 on dtv)

Southern Miss has been down for the past couple of years, after having been one of the more consistent winners in Conference USA forever.  They really want to get back on track against State, but it just ain’t gonna happen.

In fact, I pity the fools.

I love this time of year, don’t you?

Go Dawgs!  Hail State.



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  1. Hope your Bullies have a great season. That first game will be a glorified scrimmage, just like the OU~La. Tech game.
    I’ll have the tv on something, but my Sooners are pay per view on the interwebs and I’m not paying $54.99 for that. I’ll be listening on the radio, too.
    I pity La. Tech, their DC is none other than Manny Diaz and we know how his “Texsa” defenses always performed against the Sooners.
    I fully expect the OU defense(with 9 returning starters) will pitch a shut out.

    This coming week is going to drag out, I just know it.

  2. po ol’ Manny. From Austin to Ruston, it’s not so many miles, but dang! I reckon he still has bills to pay. I always liked his aggressive style of defense, but he wasn’t ready to face the Big 12 spread offense. Made him look like a minor leaguer.

  3. I came across an interview some one did with him a few weeks ago and one comment in particular indicated to me that he has already begun the hormonal therapy prior to his pudectomy.
    He seemed to be okay that one year at MSU, but he is a sissy boy now.

  4. Oh yeah, let the party begin.
    Late last week I was reading a piece on SI that mentioned the Dawgs and the Hawkeyes having a chance to be in the first playoff picture. I haven’t seen the Dawgs schedule but I won’t count them out but on the other side I looked at the Hawkeyes schedule and it’s so weak I almost busted a gut laughing. There is no way in hell the Hawkeyes will get a bid. Yes, I don’t believe in the preseason BS!!!
    I’ve been playing around up in the Cowboy and the Sooner nation area this week and seen more Sooner gear than Cowboy gear. Don’t know when I’ll get back to MS.
    Yes I have a fondness for the Stoops boys since their mentor is the great Hayden Fry of Iowa.
    PARTY TIME!!!!!!!

    • MSU opens with Southern Miss. southern is so sad, they got sued by Iowa for trademark infringement when it was discovered that the USM golden eagle helment logo looked just like the Hawkeye!

      Go Dawgs!!!11!!11!111111!!!!1

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