Stevie Ray 8/27/90

A helicopter crash claimed the world’s greatest blues-rock guitarist 24 years ago today.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was looking pretty rough his last few years on the planet: drugs and bad habits.  I think a helicopter crash was a much better way to go than an OD, or a suicide, or some other graceless exit that so many of our most talented seem to gravitate toward.

Here is a nice collection of tunes published by a fan on Youtube:  SRV – The Slow Blues

1. The Things That I Used To Do
2. Tin Pan Alley 04:57
3. Leave My Girl Alone 14:10
4. Riviera Paradise 18:29
5. Ain’t Gonna Give Up On Love 27:22
6. Life Without You 33:32
7. The Sky Is Crying 37:50
8. Little Wing 42:31
9. Texas Flood 49:24
10. Dirty Pool 54:48

One Response

  1. Actually, the last few years of Stevie’s life he had turned a corner. He was off the alcohol/drugs, remarried and was living large. I had some friends complain to me that they went to a SRV concert a little over a year before he died and got a lecture on giving up the alcohol/drugs and living clean.
    This song was a product of his last few years, written and recorded before his death and released on the “Sky Is Crying” album after he died.

    R.I.P. SRV. Glad I got to see you before you got famous. Those $1 Monday night performances at the Rome Inn were awesome, especially the night that Billy Gibbons walked in and gave you a custom SRV fender.

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