NCAA Football: Only Two Days To Go

When the Oklahoma Sooners kick off the 2014 season, it will have been two hundred forty days since their last game. That was in the Sugar Bowl and the victory party lasted until Spring training.

The offense is loaded with talented skill players, which will be operating under the protective shield provided by a deep, huge, veteran offensive line that has a total of one hundred seven career starts.

The defense returns nine starters and they will be bigger, faster and stronger than last year, adding about 20-30lbs. per man on the front five(they run the traditional Oklahoma 50 defense).

Expectations are high that the Sooners will make a serious run for their Eighth National Championship not only because of the coaching and talent, but also because of their schedule. The games projected to be the most difficult(Tennessee/K-St./Ok. St./Baylor) are all home games.

The tradition of winning championships has been instilled at OU and that tradition speaks to the players every day and attracts young recruits who wish to be a part of it.

OU is the only school to have four head coaches with more than one hundred victories in their careers. Coaches Bennie Owens, Bud Wilkinson, Barry Switzer and now Bob Stoops. Each man has left his mark on OU football history and its tradition of championships.

From an OU football perspective; those who don’t learn from their history and repeat it, are doomed.

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  1. Tonight won’t be too shabby either. Nice evening of football, eating boiled peanuts, and playing with the dog.

    • Can’t get to excited about tonight and won’t be home, anyway. The way espn has become the official PR firm for the SEC it will be a cold day on the equator before I watch their network.
      If I were home tonight I sure wouldn’t be eating boiled goobers. Likes mine roasted so they are hot and snappy.

      Your dog? You got a new furry friend?

  2. got the same lab. She’s 2 now, name is Lily. About a year ago, I got her a playmate and named her Daisy. My two flower girls!
    Daisy is a pyrnees, and at 1 year, she is twice the size of Lily. But Lily is still the boss!

  3. Yesssir, getting real close to party time!! I wish the best to all our teams. GO HAWKEYES!!!!

  4. Well college football week 1 is in the record books and I see that the Dawgs and the Sooners did well. Congrats!! My Hawkeyes had to scrap a win out.
    I hope that whoever made the decision to make the Sooner game a ppv debacle lost their shirt!! I was very surprised that OKC was a ghost town earlier today when I had to run up there for some business
    The OSU -FSU game sure was exciting. The CFS is a long one and for sure will be interesting to watch.

    • I actually watched the game. About two days before Time Warner announced they would be offering it on ppv for $15 less than I could get on the interwebs. So I went ahead and sprung for it, since going to a sports bar would have been as expensive and a lot noisier.
      Hola Kyle should have highlights up soon.

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