NCAA Football: Week One~Sooners Romp

Not many upsets throughout the country, though some of the alleged sports “experts” are doubling down on the dumb-ass to explain why their “darlings” struggled.

In Norman, Ok. it was Coach Stoops 200th game as the Sooners’ head coach and his 161st victory. The first team units on offense and defense looked to be in mid season form and thoroughly dominated the out manned Tech Bulldogs.

By midway through the second quarter Sooner backups were being sprinkled into starting line ups and by the third quarter the reserves on defense were in nearly every position. On offense the talented, yet inexperienced RBs, proved there is no cause for concern. They performed well as a group, and with the massive and veteran O-line they were beasts.

The team gave great effort, were focused and no serious injuries occurred, which were three things I was hoping for.

As is the custom at OU, the official intro video was played prior to the players taking the field and it was very well done.

One significant event took place, OU’s leading WR Sterling Shepherd passed his father on the all time receiving yardage list with his TD catch. R.I.P. Derrick, your son is destined to be an all-time Sooner great, as you were.

OU fan HolaKyle provides the HD highlights of the Sooners’ victory.

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  1. Since it is a name you will hear often in coming years, here is the official spelling and pronunciation of the freshman RB.
    Samaje Perine = sa-MA-jay P-rine

  2. Some fantastic photos of game day, from start to end, can be found HERE.

  3. Yepper, the party has started. I really don’t get too excited until it gets into the conference games. I will make exceptions for like OSU – FSU game. Had to listen to most of it and the so called play by play analysts on the radio kept saying here in North Dallas, when ATT Stadium is in Arlington Tx about 25 miles southwest of North Dallas. Dumbasses don’t know crap about DFW area!!! Watched the last 10 minutes on the tube. Good game. Yes, I also listened briefly to the Sooner murder until it got boring.
    Oh yah, I saw something in OKC that had me busting a gut laughing, One business alreading had Santa with the reindeer on the roof of their business, way to early. Had to be Cowboy fans cause Sooner fans have more sense (I think)!!!

    • Maybe they just never got around to taking it down from last year?

      Next week OU will be at Tulsa. Then in two weeks OU welcomes Tennessee to Norman for a nationally televised night game. There is already a lot of buzz on this game and nearly 20 top recruits have chosen this game to make their official visit to OU. Need to curb stomp those Vols fo’sho’.

  4. Tenn. is feeling pretty good about itself after the opener against utah state. next up is arkansas state, and a wide open offense. it should be a good tuneup for oklahoma. But, going on the road to Norman will be a totally different experience. And the talent level at Oklahoma will let them know exactly how far they still have to travel before butch Jones can get them back to the elites of college football. Both teams will enter 2-0. final score, OU 33 UT 13

    • The Vols have an all new O and D line and they just lost their starting left tackle( a fifth year walk-on) for the season.
      Don’t know if you watched the highlight video or not, but having a weak O and D line going against OU this year is not a recipe for success.
      Plus it will be a prime time national game, a rocking 85,000 strong house, 21 recruits from as far away as Canada making official visits and the Sooners will be trotting out their new alternate unis. Not sure if the Vols score at all, unless the game gets out of hand and Stoops lets the 2nd and 3rd teamers play.

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