Execution Watch: Lisa Ann Coleman(Updated)

*Last meal:For her last meal, Lisa Coleman was served a fried pork chop, macaroni and cheese, carrots, green beans, navy beans, sliced bread, and pineapple orange cake, with a choice of tea, punch, or water to drink(per Last Suppers).

*Last words:Her last words were directed at her fellow inmate, Darlie Routier(murderer of her own children).
‘Tell them I finished strong,’ she said.

*Thug: Lisa Ann Coleman(28 at time of crime)
*Date of execution: September 17, 2014
*Date of crime: July 26, 2004
*Victim: Davontae Williams(age 9)
*Last meal: TBA, no special requests allowed
*Final Words: TBA

As our friend Robbie used to always say, “some people are just no damned good.” Truer words have never been spoken when Lisa Ann Coleman is concerned.

The facts of the case can be found HERE, but to summarize she brutalized and starved to death a nine year old boy.

Crime Scene Investigator Regina Taylor testified that Davontae had “numerous injuries throughout … his entire body,” including a disfigured ear, swollen hands, a slit in his lip, and “ligature marks around his wrists and ankles.” Pediatrician Nancy Kellogg identified over 250 wounds on his corpse. Dr. Konzelmann testified that injuries to Davontae’s hands, arms, and ankles were consistent with his having been bound repeatedly. Konzelmann initially believed that Davontae had “life-threatening blunt-force injuries, perhaps bleeding on the brain, broken bones, et cetera” that caused his death.
Ultimately, however, Dr. Konzelmann deemed the cause of Davontae’s death to be malnutrition with pneumonia.

The young boy wasn’t her son, not even a blood relative, but the son of her homosexual lover, Marcella Williams. The facts of the case and the procedural history give no weight to her sexual preference or her race, but that hasn’t stopped an absolute loon for a lawyer, John Stickles, from going where no death penalty opponent has gone before.

“What she’s really guilty of is being a black lesbian,” Stickels said. “If she is executed, it will be because of her sexual orientation. Her sexual orientation played a role in the state choosing to seek the death penalty and in her getting the death penalty.

For someone to knowingly and willingly harm a child in any way already puts them on my bad side. Starving to death while torturing this young boy is unforgivable and I sincerely hope all her sick lawyer’s tricks are exhausted so she can receive the justice she has earned and that society demands.

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  1. I know TDCJ no longer does last meals, but here’s my suggestion: don’t give her one. Make her starve her last day on earth just like she did to Davontae. (Actually she should have been placed on involuntary hunger strike for the last month or so.)

    • Have you seen a photo of her lately? What a blimp.
      She was 5’3″ 189lbs when she was received by TDDC, I’ll bet anything this cruel and sadistic murderer made Devontae watch her has she devoured all the food in the house.

      • So it would take her 6 years to starve to death? We should have started once the sentence was pronounced.

        If I see anything from SCOTUS before you do, I will post it.

        • Please do, I will be in and out.
          Her mental midget of an attorney claimed he “hoped to save her.”
          For what, I just do not know.

          • Maybe her attorney is a hybristophiliac (thanks for teaching me that word–you have warped my fragile little mind forever).

  2. Waiting to hear from the Supremes.

  3. Since it appears we are on as scheduled, here’s some appropriate mood music:

  4. HeShe’s DEAD, Jim!

  5. Yep, I heard about the Supreme Court decision on the radio earlier today. Yes I agree that lethal injection was to good for the b—–.
    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth is my feeling especially for a child killer!!!!

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