OU Football: We Call Him…Moneycutt


His proper name is Michael Hunnicutt, but the former walk-on kicker and now R-Sr. is the all-time scoring leader for OU, surpassing Demarco Murray’s career points total of 390 points with the kick in the above photo. Moneycutt now has 392 points for his career, with at least nine more games to be played.

While most football fans would prefer their kicker only appear for the point after, too often a games outcome is determined by this seldom used player. Each weekend there are games decided by the failure or success of team’s field goal kickers.

Moneycutt became the OU starting kicker his R-Fr year after the third game of the season at Florida St. when OU was ranked #1. This kick is what propelled Moneycutt into the kicker’s job and he has been excellent since.

Since that kick Moneycutt has been the man, averaging 85.8% field goals made in that time. His stat sheet can be found here.

For us Sooner fans we will be pulling for him to break the FBS record for most points by a kicker(FBS: 459 – Dustin Hopkins, Florida State, 2009–12) and/or most points in a career(FBS: 500 – Montee Ball, Wisconsin, 2009–12). Based on his totals for the past three years I think he has a real shot at breaking the kicker’s record.

In any event, Moneycutt is non-plussed about all of this, he alread has his B.A. and is working on his masters in Administrative Leadership.

He is a proud life-long Sooner and now a Sooner all-time Great.

He also has a great sense of humor.

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  1. Couple of videos to get the day started.

    Love Toby Rowland.

    Sooners showing love.

  2. you just can’t underestimate the value of a strong kicking game, until you don’t have one. Boomer!

  3. Yepper, a powerful kicking game can sure put a hurt’in on the opposing team.
    Keeping an eye on the Dawgs. Still a lot of time left in the game but Dawgs looking goooooooooooooood!!!!! Keep it up Dawgs.

  4. how bout them Dawgs!!

  5. Wow, what a week in college football!! Yes, there were some painful upsets that probably came from taking a team lightly and making stupid mistakes. I got to watch most of the Dawgs game and the punishment that they put on the Aggies made the mistakes even more glaring. Took a look at the rest of the schedule of the Dawgs and it looks like a walk to hell and back. Good luck Dawgs. Playing like they have the last couple of games, could mean a trip to Arlington Tx.

    • Upset weekend came early this year. Big shake up in the rankings coming.

      • YES, the Dawgs did some climbing in 2 of the 3 major polls to a #3 ranking in the nation.
        When they upset Auburn next week, possible #1 ranking?? The way the Dawgs are punishing teams with solid play in all areas the odds are pretty good for a win at home.
        Have to stay positive, GO DAWGS!!!!!

  6. thanks, gents. Cloud Nine around the Nuke Hacienda.
    Hated that pick 6, and then coming up short of 4th and 1. But, the season is still young, and a lot of football still to play.

  7. Oh yeah, couple more days until the annual RED RIVER RIVALRY between the Sooners and the Longhorns. When it ends I would love to see the Longhorns on the spit slowly getting barbecued with some sauce. On second thought that could be some very tough meat to chew and digest (just saying).
    I wish the best for the SOONERS and the DAWGS!!!

  8. Couple more days until the Longhorns are roasting slowly on the spit with barbecue sauce, after the Sooners slay them in the Red River Rivalry here in Dallas. Though the meat might be a hard to digest.
    Go SOONERS and DAWGS!!!!

    • Oops, didn’t think it went through the first time. Climbing the walls with excitement waiting for Saturday to come!!!! Love my college football!!!

      • gonna be another weekend of great college football. My greatest worry about my Dawgs is that the game will come down to a field goal or two. Wish we had Moneycutt.
        Good Luck Sooners!!! Nail the wHorns.

  9. tough game for Honeycutt today. I hate that.

    • Me too. For four years he has been solid.
      On a day when the offense performed well for the first time in 3 games, the defense and special teams didn’t. That’s football, make mistakes and it will cost you.

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