NCAA Football: Beat The Hell OUt of Texsa

beat texsa

This rivalry began in 1900 and today’s 109th meeting will mark the 86th consecutive game played in Dallas…at the Cotton Bowl…in the middle of the State Fair.

Rankings and records don’t matter much, it’s like a Bowl game in the middle of the season.

Former Sooner Gabe Ikard(last year’s NCAA football Academic All-American of the year) penned a wonderful article about what this annual grudge match means, it’s a good read from a player’s perspective.

Everyone must realize how rare of an opportunity it is to be able to wear SOONERS across your chest against Texas. It takes someone a lot more intelligent than me to figure out the odds of a guy playing in the Red River Showdown. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to play in four of them. There is no feeling like it. Unfortunately for the fans, it is nearly impossible to describe the feeling of coming out of that tunnel. The best way I can describe the feeling is to tell you to imagine having to work extremely hard to watch the movie scene that gives you Goosebumps every time you see it and then add 90,000 passionate screaming fans in the mix. For me, that’s like putting in serious work to watch the hospital scene in Remember the Titans when Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier exchange the “left side, strong side” while a stadium is yelling at me. So if the “you had me at hello” scene in Jerry Maguire gets you or Russell Crowe’s speech to the emperor in Gladiator tickles your fancy, imagine working as hard as you can to get to that point and then add all the yelling people.

The following video is the “tunnel experience” for OU, with Ikard(#64) as one of the captains in the 2012 game. I recommend a full screen and high volume.

The Sooners are coming off of a disappointing loss last week and in Coach Stoop’s previous 15 seasons OU has lost back to back games only once. In addition, the inexplicable loss to Texsa last year still rankles the returning players from that squad. Bragging Rights matter in this game, especially when it comes to recruiting and OU being the home team this year will have approximately 25 recruits from the 2015-2017 clases attending as OU guests.

I will close with one of my favorite quotes from an OU all-time great Brian Bosworth(home town Irving, Texas):

Burnt orange makes me puke.

*Post script* If you don’t understand the “Texsa” spelling, click HERE.

11 Responses

  1. Hook ‘Em Horns!

    BTW… the guy who invented the Hook ‘Em Horns hand sign died a couple of days ago. Sad day for us ‘Horns.

  2. Had to listen to the game and it sounded like it was a little bit closer than it should have been but a win is a win.
    The other game that has my interest is the Dawgs and Tigers. Listening to the 1st half it sounded like it was pretty sloppy. I got a few minutes to watch some of the game so I hope the Dawgs can bring home a WIN!!!

    • The only beauty pageant I know of is the selection committee’s four team playoff.
      The OU win may not of been pretty, but in the words of Al Davis “just win, baby.”

      Bullies got up early on the War Eagle Tigers(never heard of a critter like that, must be related to Man/Bear/Pig) and never let go.

      • Yepper, It was a win.
        Oh, them dawgs are so cute and DEADLY. I know that they have a very rough schedule but if they keep playing like they have been
        and cut down on the turnovers they have a shot at a championship.
        War Eagle Tigers?? Sounds to me like something to do with some outer space creature!
        ‘bama just took care of Razorbacks.

        • Oh man, oh man, this is just unbelievable. got an open date next Saturday, coming at the best time ever. This was a tough gauntlet to run, and the Dawgs dominated. I am totally not accustomed to this kind of success against conference opponents. Been chainsmoking all day. Heh.
          Congrats to the Hawks, good win.
          Boomer Sooner! No such thing as an ugly win. Losses are ugly. wins fix everything, and I’m glad to see OU back on track. TCU went down, blew a big lead, and looked anything but champion-like. Fuggem. I think your D matches up very well against baylor, but I think someone else will get baylor too.

          Go Dawgs!!!!1111!!!11!111111!!1!!!

  3. HolaKyle has the highlights.

  4. Oh my, How ’bout them DAWGS !!! Congrats to the Dawgs for the fastest rise in the history of the AP poll to # 1, keep up the good work.
    The hard work is long from over but if they can keep everything in prospective and cut down on the mistakes there is no reason they can’t go all the way.
    There’s one exception: My IA Hawkeyes, though it will take a miracle of astronomical proportions to make that happen. Just a thought, I figure that the Sooners may have a say also.
    GO DAWGS!!!

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