Cronyism Kills

Remember 2009?

The Obama regime promised a miracle economic recovery if only Congress would pass their mammoth economic stimulus bill.  Shovel-ready jobs.  Green, renewable energy.  Smart Policies.  Yada, yada, yada.

ebola=nurseThis occurred to me as I saw some of the new Democrat ads blaming the GOP for Ebola.  “Cuts Kill,” or something.

Some $80 BILLION in the stimulus package was devoted to green energy, much of which was directed to campaign donors and other friends of the regime.

In short order, many of those same companies began to fail.  As Ashe Schow notes:

So far, 34 companies that were offered federal support from taxpayers are faltering — either having gone bankrupt or laying off workers or heading for bankruptcy.


If you’re keeping score:  almost $8 Billion of the 2009 Obama stimulus bill went to campaign friendly green energy companies which are either failing, or in bankruptcy.

That’s enough to fund the CDC entirely for 15 months.

Cut’s Kill, my ass.



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  1. The lady in the beautiful picture is nurse Nina Pham, 26 years old, of Fort Worth Tx. Last I heard this morning was in stable condition after receiving a blood transfusion from Dr. Kent Brantly one of the 1st survivors of the Ebola outbreak. Nina contracted the Ebola disease while taking care of Tomas Duncan who later died at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas Tx.The dog is being cared for in a undisclosed location. May God give her and her family the strength for a speedy recovery.
    The CDC was saying that 10,000 people a week could contract Ebola in the coming weeks around the world. Makes a person wonder what the health and high ranking officials have been doing with their time and resources?? Playing @!#%&^*@#$ games is my guess.

  2. The CDC’s funding tripled from 2001 to 2009. Somebody should check their hard drives for porn, they sure weren’t doing their jobs. The current Director of the CDC was the same idiot that ran Nanny Bloomberg’s anti-salt, anti-Big Gulp campaigns.

    Ebola was first identified in the late 70’s and only in the past month has it made its way to the U.S. Seems odd it took so long.

    Duncan’s girl friend still hasn’t developed the virus and I find it hard to believe they didn’t swap any body fluids, yet Ms. Pham was taking precautions, yet she has contracted the virus. Seems odd, also.

  3. CDC had money to burn.
    *Right click to view image*

    As of Friday night Nurse Nina Pham is back in N. Texas immune and free of Ebola. Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins says that Bentley her dog will stay in isolation until November 1 to make sure that he is free of Ebola. Veterinarians also don’t want Nina to visit for the simple fact that they want to keep Bentley calm to make any symptoms easier to spot.
    Some of my friends told me that many people on talk shows wanted Bentley put down. If Bentley doesn’t have symptoms why put him down?? Some people are so ignorant (it seems that is the norm anymore).

    • Question: I have read that some animals, including dogs, can carry the virus without showing symptoms, ala Typhoid Mary. Have you heard about this, Croc? I dunno. I’m a dog person, myself. Yellow Lab, and Gr Pyrenees, and I would hate to see either of them put down unless someone was absolutely sure that they were a threat to public health.
      Fact is: Public ignorance, stupidity, and hysteria are all running hand in hand. We need some serious folks to lead the way, and Ron Klain ain’t the guy.

      • Sorry it’s taken so long to return an answer, been real busy and haven’t had a chance to do the homework. The Lord works in mysterious ways and brought us the answer in one of the news websites tonight. According to veterinarian Dr. Dickson Bain from the Dallas area, Ebola has been around since 1978 and there has been no reports of any domestic animals spreading the disease. He also mentioned in the article that if more cases pop up that the animal facilities will have to get bio suits for protection just in case.
        Being raised on a farm I knew this answer: In the hundreds of cases of rabies in animals each year if left untreated in humans it’s 99% deadly. Dr. Bain mentioned if you want to protect your pet a rabies shot is the best.
        A skunk is the #1 carrier of rabies and I put to sleep many of them smelly critters. No, I didn’t get that close though a 20 gauge works wonders.
        Another fact is that come Wednesday morning there will be more clowns running around. One of my favorite shows NCIS LA. a week or so ago had a part in Washington and the actress “Hedi” said a couple of lines that almost busted my gut. One was that Washington would be a more beautiful city if the politicians left and the other one was that monkeys could do a better job. They couldn’t do any worse.

        Oh, I can’t forget this “GO DAWGS”!!!!! Ya’ll have a good weekend. Go CYCLONES!! What can I say have to root for my home state even when it’ll be a slaughter.

  5. Well that’s what happens when I get in a rush, I miss things. Here is a better link to the reunion:
    That was real close for the Dawgs tonight. I got to see the last couple of minutes of the game. A W is a Win, good job. My Hawkeyes took care of business and I saw where the Cyclones got murdered by the Sooners (figured that would happen).

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