So many scandals, so little time


IBD has captured 10 of Obama’s scandals in this cartoon, but what about these?

The AP wiretapping, targeting James Rosen of Fox News, Seal Team 6, NSA wiretapping program, The Porkulus wasteful spending, and dozens of subsequent bankruptcies, Drawing Red Lines about Syria’s use of chemical weapons, then saying he didn’t say that.

I could go on, the the fact is, there are so many that we have forgotten about.  Not because they weren’t serious missteps or breeches of the public trust, but because there are just too damn many to keep up with.

The Latest Scandal™ is the continuing mishandling of the Ebola problem.  The consequences may be too horrible to contemplate.  Several of the Prepper websites that I scan have stated that this may be your last opportunity to get your plan and your preparations in order.

Hope for the best.  Prepare for the worst.  In Obamaworld, definitely prepare for the worst.

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  1. President Obola is America’s biggest threat.

    • A million pardons sir, I have to disagree with you. Yes, the executive branch is a small part of the problem. The Legislative branch is also part of the problem since they have no cajones to defend the Constitution as we know it and are only looking out for themselves and the Judicial branch that wants to change it to suit themselves. All the 3 branches of government put together doesn’t equal the biggest threat which is the AMERICAN SHEEP, oops I mean people. It seems like they get more indoctrinated every day to what the wacko’s have to offer which is confusion, so they don’t see what is coming at them.
      I wonder if it’s just not being informed or gullible or worse being stupid.
      I agree we in deep deep trouble if we don’t do something fast.

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