Anything you want

If you want it, Craigslist probably has it.  I enjoy scanning the various items for sale, others’ trash becoming stil others’ treasures.  But, this morning, I ran across this ad, just blew me away …

Anybody need a kidney?

Healthy Kidney/Young White Male – $25000 (MS)


jahredI am a 37yr old, 6′ tall strong white male with heavy european bloodline. I am drug and disease free, no medical problems at all. I have been going through custody battles for the last four years and am flat tapped out of money and property left to sell. My son is my one true love and has taught me all I know about it. I will not give up on him, but as long as I am alive and in the picture, his mother will never stop trying to take me out. She has a devious liar of an attorney too, that has cost me everything. I am employed and love my job, but I need thousands to lay down at this point. I have two good kidneys and am willing to sell one to be able to stand up for my son. Please help. Call Jahred

Just in case you, or someone you know is in need of Jahred’s body part, you can contact him at 7six92one60four94.

I don’t know if Obamacare covers this or not.

3 Responses

  1. Dang!
    I went through an eight year custody battle for my girls before finally losing in a jury trial, in her home town, with a jury foreman that had financial dealings with the snake of a lawyer her family hired.
    So I truly sympathize with the guy and understand how important it is to fight, but at some point the fight will be over. He needs to keep his body parts intact, he owes that to himself and to his son who will need him for many, many years.
    As for Craig’s List, I have never once even looked at it, but I’ve heard many ugly stories. This story certainly won’t change my opinion.

    • Yeash, we’ve both been there, amigo. This article brings back so many bitter memories, even though I finally won my custody lawsuit…
      You are so right about keeping those body parts. When I developed Renal Cell carcinoma, surgery (left nephrectomy) was the doctor’s recommendation. Had I sold a kidney back when I was desperate for cash, I would have been S.O.L.. … But for the Grace of God!!

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