NCAA Football: Excitement And Humor

Every college football fan knows game day is fun. The excitement and noise makes for an entertaining experience.

Rivalry games have an emotional element that adds to that experience. However, in the current era of college football many traditional rivalries have ended due to conference realignment, but the fans still feel as strongly towards their old rivals as ever.

Here is one example from eSECpn’s College Gameday. WVU and Pitt have been rivals for decades, but they haven’t played each other in four years. To WVU fans that doesn’t matter.

The next video is a pure delight. It is known as the loudest football game in OU’s storied history. It took place at OU on a nationally broadcast game with #1 Texas Tech versus #3 OU. What makes this video so special is it is ‘raw footage.’ There are no announcers blathering on incessantly, just the wonderful, natural sounds of 85,000 people watching a big game.

With only about a month remaining in the 2014 season, there will surely be more fond memories for college football fans.

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  1. we’re in the home stretch. This weekend provides a feast of wonderful matchups which will help clear up the playoff mess. Next 2 weeks to determine conference championships, bowl matchups, and bragging rights. Hard to believe it has gone by so quickly. Loving my Dogs!

  2. Hope your Dawgs win out, including the CCG. That would eliminate any other SEC team from the final four and draw matches with unknown opponents.
    All my Sooners can do is win out and hope for chaos. There is a real chance that either TCU or KSt wins the conference championship, but there is also the real possibility that there could be a five way tie for the Big 12. The results for the Big 12 Champ might not be determined until the last week of the season.
    Sure has gone by fast, though.

  3. I finally got a chance to watch “Boz” last night. glad I recorded it. It is good to see he has reconciled with the OU family.
    Here is an interesting tidbit: the two best athletes and most heralded draft picks in his rookie class were Bo Jackson and Boz. Both had their careers ended prematurely by injury.

  4. The most important thing first: I want to thank you all for your service in keeping us safe, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF OUR SERVICE PERSONAL AND KEEP THEM SAFE!!!!

    Now on to the next order of business:

    At least something went right on Saturday, it will be awesome when the Dawgs take care of ‘bama. GO DAWGS!!!

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