Another Dead Witness

Mike Brown supporters, whipped into a frenzy by the race hustlers and communist agit-prop groups have shown that they not only condone strong arm robbery and resisting arrest, but also arson, looting, and general mayhem.

ferguson riotsIs it time to add pre-meditated murder to their list of criminal behavior?


Two witnesses of the Brown shooting have now been found dead under suspicious circumstances, while local authorities have not announced any leads in either case, and the press has provided minimal coverage. source

First it was Deandre Joshua who was found dead of a gun shot wound, his vehicle torched.

Now, Shawn Gray, 23, who also testified in the Ferguson grand jury has been found dead.

Happy Mr. President?

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  1. This administration is a criminal enterprise, they are just taking care of business as any organized criminal mob would do.

  2. Can you lay it out in black & white for me? Simply? It seems that this article you’ve linked to, and the one I saw about the first witness murder, are accusing those against Brown’s behavior, of the murders. Yet, weren’t the witnesses witnessing against Mike Brown? I am confused. Which “side” is doing the murdering, and for what purpose? I guess my first question, though I didn’t realize it until just this sec, is a sick pun. ):

    • my opinion only: the witnesses were killed by the Justice Dept.
      Once all the witnesses are dead, the only “evidence” left is that which supports an indictment against Officer Wilson, clearing the way for the Feds to get social justice for mike brown.

      • I think it is retribution from the JusUs gang. Those sworn statements from the witnesses would still stand even in a DoJ case.

      • Oh! My heart! Though it fits with everything else to do with the O & his gang. ):

        • Still, it didn’t work in the Trayvon Martin scenario. But here, the stakes are higher every day. ): Guess the prayer target is that those who are getting done-in, don’t go flying off into eternity without Jesus. ):

  3. Apparently malls are no longer safe either. There have been at least three “food fights” which have turned into gun battles (Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Nashville) plus reports of two others (Sacramento and Kansas City).

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