Belated Execution Watch: Robert Ladd(TX)

Not going to use the standard format for this murderer, as his execution took place on 29 Jan 15.

I knew he was scheduled for that day, but based on the number of stays the courts have been issuing lately and his defense teams motions claiming Ladd was “mentally incapable” of understanding his pending execution, I thought this would be another delay. After all, it was already eighteen years since he murdered this victim, Vickie Ann Gardner.

Unfortunately, by the time I discovered his execution would go forward, after clearing the last court hurdles, I was away from the computer and busy.

Ladd had a lengthy criminal history which included the murders of a woman and her two infant children. In 1980 he received two forty year sentences for murder and one sentence of twenty years for arson, then in 1984 he received another forty year sentence for murder. A total of one hundred forty years of sentences by 1984, and yet he was free to murder again twelve years later.

This trash should have been taken out long ago, but for reasons we can only speculate, he was repeatedly released from prison for committing violent crimes and as expected he continued with his murderous ways causing needless suffering to an untold number of people.

In my view, the people responsible for continuing to release this creature from prison should have been strapped down on the gurney next to Ladd.

The full story of his murderous past can be found at Murderpedia.

His last words were long and not noteworthy:

“Joanna I really love and care about her, I appreciate her. There is a drawing that I forgot to tell you about, send it to Stacey. Art, I appreciate you. Joanna, tell my family I love them all. Trix I love you too.

“Teresa I am really sorry, please don’t have hate in your heart. I really feel like this. I hope you can find peace in your heart and happiness. A revenge death won’t get you anything.

“Joanna, I love you. Let’s ride.”

His last meal can be found at Last Suppers:

In Ladd’s case, his last meal of classic comfort food was much better than he deserved. For his last meal, Ladd was served meat loaf, mashed potatoes, tomato gravy, carrots, black eyed peas, and sliced bread, with a choice of water, tea, or punch to drink.

May the family of Vickie Ann Gardner finally have the peace from justice that they deserve. They certainly seem more gracious and thoughtful than I would.

“Tonight, after an 18-plus year journey, we have finally recognized justice for Vicki,” she said. “Tonight we will not celebrate the loss of Mr. Ladd’s life. The loss of any human being is never a cause for celebration. We know Mr. Ladd had family who loved him.”

Wooten and her sister Kathy Pirtle weren’t sure how to describe the frustration of waiting so long to see Ladd executed.

“I don’t know if ‘bitter’ is the right word. ‘Disappointed,’ maybe,” Pirtle said. “‘Exhausted,’ definitely.”

They call Ladd’s death a weight off their shoulders, and a reason to embrace the people you love.

“As we leave this place to return to our homes, we will do so only with the good memories of Vicki and the very special person that she was.”

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  1. I love it when someone takes out the trash!! Just like Texas did last night when Donald Newbury, one of the Texas 7, got put to death for the killing of Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins, 29 yrs old on December 24, 2000 after robbing a store in Irving Tx. Sad part is that 3 of the scum are still on death row.

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