I Love Football, Which Is Why I Despise The NFL

I always find it interesting when I meet someone from the North East area of this country and ask them if they are football fans. It is a set-up by me, as I know what they will say. They invariably talk about the NFL and expect to get in a jab at me by mentioning the Dallas Cowboys. The looks on their faces when I tell them I don’t follow the NFL, because I love football, is priceless.

I love football, which to me means high school and college. The NFL is just Hollywood and is as equally morally bankrupt,

I will elaborate, and whether you agree with me or not I think you can at least follow my reasoning.

My interest in football began fifty nine years ago. Football then was very different than today in terms of the rules, popularity and the player’s size and speed. Regardless of those changes it is still a physically violent game based on team goals.
As a young boy I admired the best players and teams at every level of play, and while the NFL was still in its infancy it too was played by men who loved the game and not money, as the sport didn’t pay very well.

As time went by the game has gotten more popular, at every level, and the potential for a very small group of men to make enormous amounts of money at the professional level has made it an attractive goal for the youngest football players.

I followed the NFL from the mid 1950’s until the NFL finally turned me away in 1993. I saw the very first nationally televised NFL Championship game between the NY Giants and the Baltimore Colts in 1958.

I can no longer support the NFL because of what it is, a morally bankrupt organization that I refuse to contribute to, as I will make no purchase of any product that displays the NFL’s official logo, nor will I watch their games. On what has become a national holiday of sorts, “Super Bowl Sunday,” I always tune into the “Puppy Bowl” on Animal Planet channel.

The NFL’s rapid decline in prinicples began in the late 1960’s when the AFL and NFL merged, a merger I was opposed to as a teenager and am still opposed to. It worsened as money came pouring into the league, the player’s union became more active, then acclerated its decline with free agency coupled with a salary cap.

The absolute last straw in the NFL’s decline is one most today can relate to and that was the reinstatement of Michael Vick to the NFL. If you aren’t aware what Vick was in prison for, google it, but most of you already know. A few days after the NFL reinstated this ex-convict, the Phildephia Eagles signed him to a contract. The very next day after he signed with the Eagles, the NFL merchandise website had a page featuring all items with Vick #7 Eagles on it, including(and there was an image) a dog sweater. Any thoughts that the NFL was concerned with anything other than your $19.99 were dispelled with that act.

There are others that will point to the large amounts of money that are pouring into college football and that administrators/coaches look the other way when some of their better players are involved in criminal/legal matters. I don’t deny that is true in some instances and I do not condone misconduct at any level.

I will state that there is a distinction with a difference when it comes to big time college and high school football versus the NFL, something that they both have in common.
High school and college football only sends about 1% of their football players to the next level. That means that 99% of high school and college football players are there for the right reasons, such as love of the game, to get an education and to be part of a team that can and usually does create bonds with men that carry positive attributes with them for the rest of their lives.

The positives that are found in team sports, when not measured by money, attract some of the highest good character young men this nation produces. It teaches cooperation, determination, goal setting, team work and for some the absolute thrill of being the Champion in their sport.

It also is a place where the ‘fighter’ (that fewer and fewer men are) can express himself in an acceptable and exciting venue.

“Football, in its purest form, remains a physical fight. As in any fight, if you don’t want to fight, it’s impossible to win.”~Coach Bud Wilkinson

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  1. I’ve hung on to rooting for the Saints since John Gilliam ran the opening kickoff back in 67, but I do get your point. I love the passion of the game, even in a flag football league.

    • I remember that auspicious beginning for the Saints.
      Nothing against the players or cities, just the corrupt and evil organization known as the NFL.
      Give me a bunch of young kids playing football because it is fun and I’ll watch.

  2. I feel this way about basketball, love college, but I am sorry I love the nfl but I do get your point. By the way thanks for following my blog at http://www.theviewfrommyrecliner.wordpress.com .

    • who is your college team, John? n2l, my co-blogger is a Sooner. I bleed maroon for Miss. State.

    • I see that finally they are going to address the shot clock in college basketball. The NIT will use a shorter shot clock. That should improve fan interest…IMHO.

      • they have to address the one and done shite that kentucky and others do. freshman players just wanting to come in play a year and jump to the pros. so many schools seldom have upper classmen, it’s hard for programs other than the very elite to maintain any consistency.
        bringing the shot clock down to 24 from 30 just means that 3 point shooters will become even more of a premium. very little in the way of set plays. everything will either be a pick and roll, a fast break, or a jacked up 3 pointer.

        • The APR burned down Connecticut’s basketball factory a few years ago, I am wondering if/when the APR causes the Cats to lose schollies.

          As for the shot clock, it could have the effect you are talking about or it could make the game faster and more exciting. I sure see a lot of standing and dribbling currently.

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