Happy 60th Birthday Chevy Small Block V8


I came across an excellent article celebrating the birthday of this fantastic engine.  Whether or not you are a gear head or a fan of another car maker, your life has been impacted by the small block Chevy V8.

It has powered family vehicles, hot rods, commercial vehicles, boats and even motorcycles.  Revolutionary in its design, made possible by numerous advances in technology and fuels after WWII, the basic design of the engine is still being used in the modern version.

While most car companies have turned to the overhead cam engine designs to actuate the valves, the SBC V8 continues to use the push rod design and has managed to maintain an efficient and powerful engine that produces more torque than the OHC design.

Personally, I have owned numerous vehicles powered with the SBC V8 and have never had a problem with them.

May the “Mighty Mouse” engine live on for decades to come.

The article mentioned can be found HERE. It is well worth the read.

2 Responses

  1. The first car I ever bought with my own money: 1955 Chevy Bel Air (4-door) It had this wonderful 265 v-8, just like the one in the picture. Oil filter mounted on top of the block, and the air breather was a permanent oil-filled contraption that never needed changing. 2-speed “powerglide” transmission, man you felt like you were driving a tank, totally surrounded by steel and chrome. It was so roomy. We even had a triple date in it one time. The am radio quit working, and I replaced it with a am-fm 8-track. mounted the speakers in the 8 inch space between the back of the front seat and the door-jambs. It was a stylin’ piece of machinery. One of my best buds in high school had a 55 also, but his was a 2-door, with a 3 on the floor. We spent many hours working on our cars together. In fact, most of what I know about working on cars came from those years keeping the old Bel Air running.
    Ahh, memories.

    • Yeah, buddy!
      Lots of fond memories associated with the SBC.
      I really learned how to drive with my two grandmothers cars, one was a 56 Bel Air with the “Mighty Mouse” 265 and Powerglide, the other was the 57 Ford Fairlane 500 with the 272 V8 and 3 speed auto.
      They each had their good points but the short stroking SBC just felt quicker.
      My brothers both had 327 Impalas and my Dad once bought a 283 Impala used, but he was a Buick man at heart.
      I drove Pontiacs for years, along with many foreign cars, before I bought my first Chevy with a SB and then proceeded to own two more after that, before buying a Cadillac Fleetwood with the Corvette LT-1.
      As a gear head I love what all people have been able to do with this engine and one of my personal heroes, John Lingenfelter(may he RIP) was the premiere SBC engine builder and his legacy lives on with Lingenfelter Performance.
      Sadly, I can no longer consider buying a GM product after their sell out to the Kenyan’s Administration, but I would not hesitate to stick a SBC V8 in a hot rod.

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