Breaking: US Ship Seized by Iranian Warships-updated

Photo by CNBCAl-Arabia reported that the Iranian Navy has confiscated the American trade vessel with all its 34 crew.

Other reports said the vessel has been seized for trespassing on Iran’s territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.

An Iranian warship is now taking the American vessel to Iran’s Southern port city of Bandar Abbas in the Persian Gulf.

Iranian officials have not confirmed the development yet, but Reuters said Pentagon officials have confirmed the report.


UPDATE: The ship is the MAERSK TIGRIS, Container Ship flagged in the Marshall Islands. Freeper tcrlaf is providing updates here
Also reported by Drudge,
Also reporting on Fox News.
Also at BBC
And, at American Military News

Speaking with former navy personnel, the Blog has learned that US flagged ships that would be operating over there (since Panamanian and Bahamian registry is so much easier) would be a civilian US Navy supply ship.

USNS ships, manned by civilian crews, would supply the CVN-70 with fuel and cargo when at sea. A US Navy civilian ship in custody would be huge news, and an opportunity for Obama to bow and scrape. He is no doubt, very busy practicing right now.

Update: Pentagon spokesman said the vessel involved was flagged to the Marshall Islands and that no Americans were on board.

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