One Year Into The Trump Presidency

One year into the Trump Presidency, remodeling is near completion at the White House

Trump White House

Did you notice the “T” at the top?  Heh.

Every Life Matters

We stand because we know that every life matters.

We have to fight for every life, even when it seems hopeless, even if we’re afraid.

Because, the battle ahead isn’t just for our survival, it’s for our humanity.

2006 Mayor Johnston Green, Jericho KS

Count Down To NCAA Football: 50 Days

The King Has Spoken

Slowly but surely the new season of NCAA football approaches. At least this number seems more manageable.

Nuke’s Bulldogs and my Sooners both had excellent 2015 recruiting classes and speaking for the Sooners there are several incoming freshmen that will be difficult to keep off of the field.

Last year I brought to this blog the name of an incoming freshman by the name of Samaje Perine. I did not speak falsely and he proved to be a true phenom.

He was considered the state’s best running back in Texas for the class of 2014, and yet he wasn’t considered OU’s top incoming freshman RB. That distinction was bestowed on the nation’s top All Purpose RB out of California, Joe Mixon. He was red shirted his freshman year after being involved in an ugly and unfortunate incident in an off campus Deli on the occasion of his 18th birthday.

If I were to compare Mixon to a former Sooner great at OU it would be AD(Adrian Peterson), both in the way he plays, his size and speed. In fact Mixon is a little taller and heavier than AD was. Here is a quick sample of his high school tape and AD’s:

With OU hiring a new offensive coordinator to bring the “Air Raid” offense back, having all purpose RBs is crucial as they will be a mismatch for linebackers in pass routes.

Comparing past RBs with current, unproven one’s isn’t fair to the young men, but is always interesting to see if the comparisons are true. Another RB in the OU stable is highly rated Rodney Anderson out of the state powerhouse football program in Katy, Texas. It remains to be seen if he is red shirted his freshman year, but if I were to compare him to a former OU great it would be Demarco Murray in terms of ability, size and speed.

With Perine, there really is no one I can compare him with, not in OU history. Aside from his obvious skills in football, he is a genuinely good and humble young man.

The history of great RBs in OU history goes back many, many years and doesn’t appear to be near its end.

Execution Watch: Clifton Lamar Williams(Tx)*Updated*

williams*Update*  With little surprise, this one has been stayed.


*Thug: Clifton Lamar Williams(age 21 when murder was committed)
*Date of execution: 16 Jul 2015
*Date of crime: 9 Jul 2005
*Victim: Cecilia Schneider(age 93)
*Last words and Last meal TBA

I have been watching events leading to this execution and for many reasons I find it difficult to believe we are less than six hours from his date with the gurney.

The heinous crime this cretin is guilty of was just ten years ago, in death penalty cases that is actually swift justice. All of his appeals have been denied, including the USSC refusing to review. What is odd is that according to law the execution date must be at least 91 days after the judge signs the death warrant, his warrant was signed on 4 Jun 2015. The TDJC has rejected dates in the past when the 91 day rule was followed.

However, the hour is rapidly approaching and the family of Mrs. Schneider, God Bless all of them, will see justice served for this murderer of a 4’9″ 93 year old lady. That she was brutally attacked, stabbed, asphyxiated and then set on fire is all that is necessary to understand how depraved Williams is and deserves his fate.

For further information on this despicable crime, HERE is an article from Murderpedia.

From Screaming Eagle to Screaming Guitar

From The photo album of The 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Band

Jimi Hendrix on guitar with Billy Cox on Bass. They both met as paratroopers in the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Cambell, KY.

jimi hendrix 101 screaming eagles

This is Stone Free, at the Newport Jazz Festival, 1969, with Billy Cox, still banging on the bass.

10 Predictions for Year 10 of The Blog


Nine years ago, Nuke’s News and Views was launched on Google Blogger and 3 months later moved to WordPress.  I actually lost about 4 weeks worth of posts in the move, and I still haven’t forgiven Google.

Nine years, and a lot has changed.  Nine years ago, there wasn’t a Facebook or Twitter.  Blogs were considered a cutting edge way to publish one’s thoughts and have others read them, comment on them, and a way to make friends with others of common interests.  We used to have a pretty solid flow of traffic, 300-500 visitors a day, sometimes reaching several thousand in a day.

I’m trying to remember why I started the site.  I must have thought it was important enough to devote the time necessary to keep the traffic flowing.  I have spent many hours at the keyboard, as well as tweaking and adjusting the offering to try and keep the content interesting and timely.  My best cyber-bud, N2l has also labored long hours to help keep the lights on, and I’m very grateful for that.

All this being said, I think this 10th year of the Blog will likely be its last.  It’s time, I think.  Plus, where am I going to find a picture with 10 fingers on one hand?


As we begin our 10th year on the Innerwebs, Here are 

My Predictions for Year 10 of Nuke’s-N2l’s:


  1. The huge NSA data collection center at St Louis will be totally breached, and all of the information will be released into the open.  The US economy will be thrown into a deep depression as credit availability evaporates overnight due to lack of confidentiality.
  2. Obama will propose microchip implantation as the solution, which will be agreed to by both parties, with the exception of 2016 hopeful, Mike Huckabee, who sees this as the ‘mark of the beast.’
  3. The Pope and Obama will become close allies in global warming schemes, and the worldwide redistribution of wealth.
  4. Queen Elizabeth passes away, Prince Charles becomes King and  Defender of the Faith. The question is, Which one?
  5. A new, deadlier form of ebola breaks out in the US, martial law, fema camps, etc.
  6. Nuclear terrorism in NYC and in Brussels.
  7. US Government seizes funds in “underperforming” IRA’s, 401k’s and issues USARetirement Bonds in their place.
  8. The Confederate battle flag, and all things confederate will be legislated as a “hate symbols”
  9. Arne Duncan will lead the normalization of sodomy in public schools, any school district not teaching sodomy as reasonable and normal will be threatened with the loss of all public funds, including health care subsidies through obamacare.
  10. Israel will attack nuclear facilities in Iran, and will be attacked by Obama-led Arab alliance in retaliation.  Nuclear weapons will be used.

Bells Were Ringing…People Were Singing…And They Can All Go Straight To Hell

A sad day for freedom of expression. Clearly multi-culturalism only applies to certain groups.


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