10 Predictions for Year 10 of The Blog


Nine years ago, Nuke’s News and Views was launched on Google Blogger and 3 months later moved to WordPress.  I actually lost about 4 weeks worth of posts in the move, and I still haven’t forgiven Google.

Nine years, and a lot has changed.  Nine years ago, there wasn’t a Facebook or Twitter.  Blogs were considered a cutting edge way to publish one’s thoughts and have others read them, comment on them, and a way to make friends with others of common interests.  We used to have a pretty solid flow of traffic, 300-500 visitors a day, sometimes reaching several thousand in a day.

I’m trying to remember why I started the site.  I must have thought it was important enough to devote the time necessary to keep the traffic flowing.  I have spent many hours at the keyboard, as well as tweaking and adjusting the offering to try and keep the content interesting and timely.  My best cyber-bud, N2l has also labored long hours to help keep the lights on, and I’m very grateful for that.

All this being said, I think this 10th year of the Blog will likely be its last.  It’s time, I think.  Plus, where am I going to find a picture with 10 fingers on one hand?


As we begin our 10th year on the Innerwebs, Here are 

My Predictions for Year 10 of Nuke’s-N2l’s:


  1. The huge NSA data collection center at St Louis will be totally breached, and all of the information will be released into the open.  The US economy will be thrown into a deep depression as credit availability evaporates overnight due to lack of confidentiality.
  2. Obama will propose microchip implantation as the solution, which will be agreed to by both parties, with the exception of 2016 hopeful, Mike Huckabee, who sees this as the ‘mark of the beast.’
  3. The Pope and Obama will become close allies in global warming schemes, and the worldwide redistribution of wealth.
  4. Queen Elizabeth passes away, Prince Charles becomes King and  Defender of the Faith. The question is, Which one?
  5. A new, deadlier form of ebola breaks out in the US, martial law, fema camps, etc.
  6. Nuclear terrorism in NYC and in Brussels.
  7. US Government seizes funds in “underperforming” IRA’s, 401k’s and issues USARetirement Bonds in their place.
  8. The Confederate battle flag, and all things confederate will be legislated as a “hate symbols”
  9. Arne Duncan will lead the normalization of sodomy in public schools, any school district not teaching sodomy as reasonable and normal will be threatened with the loss of all public funds, including health care subsidies through obamacare.
  10. Israel will attack nuclear facilities in Iran, and will be attacked by Obama-led Arab alliance in retaliation.  Nuclear weapons will be used.

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  1. Nuke’s is still my first stop each day when I boot up the ‘puter. You have done such a wonderful job with the right and left column offerings for news and information.
    Yeah, a lot has changed in the past ten years. Not only the world we live in, but personally and professionally, as well. Since the economic decline in ’08 I have had to work harder, longer and smarter. I haven’t had nearly as much time to devote to blogging as I used to and am much more involved with the kids/grandkids than I used to be.
    I would still hate to see Nuke’s go away even if I understand what your reasons are.
    I even asked Mr. Horse what he thought.

  2. […] El Nuko celebrates the beginning of his tenth year behind a blog dashboard with a list of ten predictions, two of which I figured I ought to pass on: […]

  3. Thanks for the linkage, Dustbury. You’ve been added to the blogroll, “The Roll”

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