Every Life Matters

We stand because we know that every life matters.

We have to fight for every life, even when it seems hopeless, even if we’re afraid.

Because, the battle ahead isn’t just for our survival, it’s for our humanity.

2006 Mayor Johnston Green, Jericho KS

5 Responses

  1. I’m curious as to the context of this profound statement.

  2. I was a big fan of the show. It’s showing again on cable, and the episode that the Mayor said these words was on Monday night. It was powerful. Nuclear attack, radiation, EMP, total bad situation for the USA. this small town mayor, ex-Army officer, trying to rally the town, and prepare for a future that they are unprepared for.

    • I thought SwampMan and I were the only ones that watched it! I really, REALLY liked that show. I think they underestimated the deaths that would occur, though.

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