Missing SRV Twenty Five Years On

Some people think that the “blues” haven’t been the same since Stevie Ray Vaughn died tragically in a helicopter crash on this day twenty five years ago.

Perhaps, perhaps not, but I know I have never felt quite the same way about the music style and while other blues legends have since passed away, there isn’t anyone else taking of the crown.

Be at peace, SRV, your music lives on and you are missed.

Thinking about Windows 10? Start Here

Friend of the Blog, Big Earl Chinnici, offers sage advice for DIYers who are thinking about making the move

(Linnux and Apple users may take the day off).

Thanks Earl.  You can also find Earl Help Desk on Facebook.

Windows 10 DIY Style: A Guest Post from Earl Chinnnici

win10I’m sure by now you have probably heard the news. With few exceptions, you can upgrade your Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC to Windows 10 for free. Due to many differences between Windows 10 and the earlier versions of Windows, I recommend only the most tech-savvy home users attempt this upgrade without assistance. Therefore, until I have scheduled at least one upgrade each Monday through Thursday between now and October 1, the price for EarlsHelpDesk.com upgrade assistance via phone and remote access is only $30.

If you still want to try this on your own, here are some suggestions that I think might help avoid nightmares, headaches, and hair loss. I do not, however, intend this to be an exhaustive article. I will release brief tips and tricks via this site and my business page on Facebook as time and inspiration allows.

Backup everything that is important! — Although the Windows 10 upgrade should go smoothly and should not cause any unwanted loss of data, it is wise to backup your files first. For those who do not want to keep their files, there is also a “Change what to keep link” during the upgrade process.

Do your homework. — Learn about the new features and about features of your current version that are removed by installing Windows 10. Learn about Cortana and Edge. You will also want to decide whether to use a Microsoft account or a local account for your Windows login. Thurrott News and Analysis for Tech Enthusiasts explains it quite well here and shows the related screens you will encounter during upgrade that will allow you to skip the Microsoft account sign-in if you so choose.

Use an Ethernet connection if possible. — Windows 10 is a large file (approximately 3 GB according to the Microsoft Windows 10 Specifications page). If you are on a WiFi connection, this can be slow; if you’re on a limited metered connection such as many wireless cellular plans, this can be expensive. People with limited monthly bandwidth should also strongly consider setting WiFi to metered and everyone should consider adjusting Windows Update settings after the upgrade. Windows Central has a great article explaining how and why.

Run the upgrade advisor. — Launch the “Get Windows 10” app—the Windows icon that sits in your system tray (typically near your clock). If you decide to upgrade, you will use this same app to reserve your free upgrade copy.  Then, to launch the Windows 10 upgrade advisor, click “Check Your PC.” This will help you learn of any programs or devices that may be affected by upgrading.

Choose between trickle-in method or burning an ISO. — Most home PC users that are not on a metered connection can upgrade via what I call the “trickle-in” method. That is, allow the “Get Windows 10” app to download the software gradually and prompt you when it is ready to install. There are several reasons you might opt for the ISO method. For example, you don’t want to wait or perhaps you want to install Windows 10 on multiple computers.

~~~ After the upgrade. Meet your friends. ~~~

The search box is your friend. — Use it to find things. For example, type “Internet Explorer” in the search box and it should bubble up to the top of the list. You can then right-click it and then click “Pin to Start” or “Pin to Taskbar.” Incidentally, you can just as easily find Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or hopefully anything else that seems to have gone missing after your upgrade.

Default Programs is another good friend. — Perhaps you’re not crazy about your new web browser. You can type “default programs” in the search box and easily find your way to the screen you need to set a different browser as your default.

EarlsHelpDesk on Facebook — Like my business page on Facebook for more tips and feel free to ask questions.

It’s the TRUMPazoid

I like Donald Trump. I don’t know if I will vote for him, undecided at this point. Still, his favorability rating with me is definitedly postitive.

I thought this was funny.

You have your “Bushies”, your “Clintonistas”, your “Paulians”, and now, your “TRUMPazoids!”


From the movie “Bustin Loose” starring Richard Pryor.

Pryor set himself on fire shortly after filming this movie.

Dont’t try this at home, kids.

Does Hillary Hate Jews?

Speaking to Iowa public radio last week, Mrs. Clinton sought to lay the responsibility for her own irresponsibility on someone else.

“I was permitted to and used a personal email…”

Which, to me, immediately begs the question, “Who permitted this?”

Clinton history is replete with partial answers followed by questions, followed by more half-truths, accusations and  prevarications, wiggle-wording their way around the rabbit hole.  It is a favored Clinton strategy which is often conjoined with coordinated attacks upon the accusers.  The objective being, to run out the clock.

To what end, though, the Presidency?  Is American electoral math so screwed, skewed and unbalanced that all Mrs. Clinton has to do to win the job she believes she was born to do is to not be arrested?

hiliesFormer President Bill Clinton, his fixer Vernon Jordan, and President Obama just completed a golfing weekend.  Reports that Mr. Clinton was seen waving his arms and gesticulating wildly, leads this blogger to wonder whether or not Clinton was trying to apply some leverage, especially given Mrs. Clinton’s statement just a day or so earlier that she was “permitted” to use her own private e-mail server.

Again, I ask, “Permitted by whom?”  The United States Secretary of State reports directly to The President. That is, unless the friction from the 08 campaign prompted Obama to put a filter between Mrs. Clinton and himself.   It wouldn’t be a great leap to assume that filter would be the President’s Chief of Staff.

Is Rahm Emanuel about to be hung out to dry?

There have now been 305 documents identified as having sensitive data by the State Department, a hit rate of just over 5% out of a 20% sample size. That extrapolates to over 1,500 possible secret documents that are most likely in the possession of the country’s enemies.  Who the heck needs Ed Snowden?

I don’t think, Mrs. Clinton is going to be arrested.  History suggests the same.  History may not repeat itself, but if it echoes, maybe we will see the ghost of Cap Weinberger incarnated with the indictment of Rahm Emanuel for permitting Mrs. Clinton to blazenly violate National Security, right on the eve of Election 2016.

It would be a stereotypical Clinton victimhood manuever.  Plus, she would get the added leftist pleasure of scapegoating a Jew.

Update: Remember Paul Fray?

Update:  Wouldn’t you hate to be Treve Suazo, the CEO at Platte River Networks right now? Especially with the report out there that a backup of Mrs. Clinton’s server exists?  You might want to take a stroll down Arkancide Blvd if you don’t know what I mean.

Plus, he’s a Jooooooooooooooooooooo !!!

Sam Elliott on Slow Governmental Response


Hillary: It’s the Corruption, Stupid

As the Clinton email scandal continues to wind down the rabbit hole, a new story by McClatchy has rekindled the interest of the mainstream media. This one from Wapo:

its-the-corruption-stupidThen there is the news reported by McClatchy News Service that two of the four classified e-mails discovered on her private server were “top secret” — the highest possible security classification.  Clinton has previously said that she never sent or received any classified material via her e-mail account; “I am confident that I never sent or received any information that was classified at the time it was sent and received,” she said last month.

For someone who is already struggling to bridge a trust deficit with the public, the revelations about the classified e-mails on Clinton’s server hurt. If Clinton’s claim that nothing she sent or received was classified at the time are proven wrong, that does her even more damage.

It’s getting worse for Hilz.


Count Down To NCAA Football: 25 Days

The count down continues and we are getting close to the best time of the year.

Soon the bands will be marching and playing, then the players take the field.

I will never tire of this video. Be sure and watch it to the end.

As for the jersey number 25, this number is now assigned to one Joe Mixon, a red shirt Freshman.

Points to Ponder

choose life

Flotus texting during Pledge (Updated)

I remember when Michelle Obama said she was proud of our country for the first time.  Frankly, I cannot ever remember being proud of her as our Country’s First Lady.

What do you call someone who instead of joining in the Pledge of Allegiance, decides to check her text messages instead?

Really, Michelle?  Really?

Update: Just a hunch, but the OFA crew is out in force this morning, spreading the word that the woman in the picture was not Flotus, but was instead Wapo’s own Helena Andrews.

First notification came from “Bob” in today’s comments section, 2nd was on Twitter.  Others have shown up elsewhere.  To all, I say, “Thank you, I stand informed.”

Bob was first, so he wins the steak knives.


Sure does look like her, though.


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