It’s the TRUMPazoid

I like Donald Trump. I don’t know if I will vote for him, undecided at this point. Still, his favorability rating with me is definitedly postitive.

I thought this was funny.

You have your “Bushies”, your “Clintonistas”, your “Paulians”, and now, your “TRUMPazoids!”


From the movie “Bustin Loose” starring Richard Pryor.

Pryor set himself on fire shortly after filming this movie.

Dont’t try this at home, kids.

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  1. Not really sure what Trump’s intentions or motives are, but I sure like what he is doing. Not only is he sucking the air out of the contest for all the candidates that only clog the process and have no chance, he is verbalizing issues that most don’t even want to talk about. Not only that, but fighting back and counter-punching those who attack him is appealing and is so American.
    If nothing else he is making the long slog to the primaries, almost 14 months away, entertaining.
    At the end of the election cycle I will still vote for Ted Cruz.

    A little side note about Cruz and his electability factor. After the 2012 elections and all the voter fraud that got Jughead reelected, I looked into the numbers nationally. After my disgust was complete I then looked into the Texas voting numbers/percentages. Then I looked into my county, Dallas county. Dallas county went blue in 2006, as urban flight left the young, white low information voters, Black Amercians and Hispanics to carry the county.
    What I found in the vote count was very interesting. Jughead won reelection with 56% of the vote. The homosexual Latina Sheriff won reelection with 60% of the vote. Ted Cruz won the U.S. Senate vote with 60%.
    I will break it down, the DemocRat voters didn’t vote straight ticket, so it was the Black American voters that carried Jughead. The reason the homosexual Latina Sheriff won reelection and Senator Cruz won, even though they were in different parties, is because of “Identity Politics.” The last names were Valdez and Cruz, which is why the Hispanic votes gave them the same percentage victory.
    While I am mostly opposed to people being so stupid as to vote for someone based on their last name or skin color, I certainly see it as an advantage for once for a Republican candidate.

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