Where I was on 09/11/2001

A guest post from friend of the Blog, RickZ, Grouchy Conservative Pundits, 9/11/10

I was at work early that day, as usual.  Just after a quarter to nine, my boss came into my office and told me the Trade Center had been hit with what appeared to be a plane.  I went down to 5th Ave (between 17th & 18th Sts.) and saw the north tower burning like a smokestack.  I was horrified yet transfixed.  I saw the second plane hit the south tower.  At that moment, I knew we were at war.

peoplecoverWhile standing in the middle of 5th Ave in a large crowd (just like that picture on that other thread), I heard this young black kid behind me say, ‘It’s our fault’.  I balled up my fists and turned to him and told him to go to hell.  His response was, ‘Check your history, my man.’  I was ready to take a swing at that moment when a firemen from the stationhouse around the corner said to me in a soft voice, “I heard what he said.  I have your back.”  I couldn’t believe what I heard, but later on knew that I had been graced by the presence of Moonbatus Ignoramus.  After watching the towers crumble, I headed back up to the office in a state of shock.  I tried to call my parents in Norfolk, VA but could not get through.  I called my aunt in West-By-God and got through; she gave me my Cuz’ work number in another part of WV.  I called and someone there picked up the phone and I asked to speak with John.  The guy asked who I was, and I said his cousin from New York City.  I heard an ‘oh shit, John it’s your cousin in New York!’  I spoke with him, told him I was okay (physically at least) and asked him to call my parents to let them know I was okay.

I knew the bridges and tunnels were closed, and the buses and trains were not running, so the only way to get back to Queens was to walk to midtown and hike over the 59th St Bridge.  That I did not feel like doing (though I did that very walk during the blackout in 2003), so I figured waiting for a bit would be the thing to do as the crush of people leaving was massive, and I knew they couldn’t keep everything shut down forever.  Around 2:30, I went to the closest subway station, in Union Square, but it was locked up tighter than a drum.  So I walked over to 6th Ave to get the ‘F’ train to Queens.  The first train in was an ‘E’, still with the final destination of ‘World Trade Center’ on its side.  Very eerie.  When I stepped into the car, it was dead quiet.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, had shocked faces and glazed over eyes; some were covered in dust.  I took a seat and teared up all the way home.

The City was closed on Wednesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday night, the wind shifted.  I woke up smelling the burning rubble of the Trade Center, the smell of death; taking a shower didn’t help.  That is something I will never get out of my mind.  On Friday, as we were above 14th St, I could go back to work.  When I exited the subway that morning, I looked downtown and there was the realization that the Towers were missing from my skyline.  Even though I knew on a rational level they were gone, it was not seeing them in person that morning that just made the reality all too real, if you will, that I really was living a nightmare.

That is a day I will never forget.  So the Indonesian Imbecile can kiss my ass when it comes to any healing crap, including all this muslim outreach bullshit.  While I was awed by Bush’s speech with the bullhorn on top of the firetruck at Ground Zero, hearing the poo-pooing of the chattering classes, including Bush, that we mustn’t blame all muslims and all that crap still sticks in my craw.  Because of that bullshit, we are in the mess we are now, with a fucking Victory Mosque near Ground Zero in the works.

I still can’t believe how we as a Nation have seemed to deliberately forget and downplay what happened, as if having anger because of that atrocity in this politically correct age is bad.  Today is not a good day.

On 9/11/02, it was rainy.  I had to call a tax office in Oklahoma City, and ending up talking with a guy for well over a half an hour.  He understood, after what happened there.

They say time heals all wounds.  In this case, I don’t think so, as it’s a scab muslims continue to pick at.  For one, we’ve never taken the proper revenge we as a Nation should have taken.  We’ve played at fighting a politically correct war, where collateral damage is verboten.  I still feel collateral damage was and is the way to go to stop this jihadi madness.  The kaba’a should not exist right now, yet it does.  And we have a fucking president with a middle name of ‘Hussein’.  One of the mantras on this board is that things will not end well, and I honestly believe they will not.  At least not until we put a right proper end to 1400 years of jihad and muslim abominations and eliminate the progressives in our Government.  Do we have the stones to do that?  I tend toward ‘no’, but I am more than willing to be proved wrong.


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