Mabus vows to destroy Marines

That the worst governor in Mississippi’s history has earned the ignomy of becoming the worst Secretary of the Navy in the history of the Republic, is no surprise to anyone who has watched the public career of Ray Mabus.

As the Marine Corps Times reported earlier this week, “In the all-volunteer study, the men consistently outperformed the women in speed and accuracy, while female Marines were injured at more than double the rate of their male counterparts.”

mabusMabus criticized the report saying it was not relevant, and rushed ahead with his decision to open up EVERY Navy and Marine position to women, some 8 days before the deadline set by the Secretary of Defense, and even before Marine Corps Commandant Dunford had made any recommendations to Mabus.

Everyone familiar with Mabus is not surprised.  He is a complete turd. A waste of oxygen.  A zit on the ass of humanity.  An opportunity missed by Planned Parenthood.



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