MS Initiative 42 Loses Big Time

There was a time in Mississippi when getting an Initiative for a Constitutional Amendment to the ballot was the hard part.  If it made it to the ballot, it was almost a done deal.

42This time, despite all of the obfuscation and out of state money, it appears that the much balleyhood Initiative 42 is going to defeat.

In my mind, it all came down to taxation without representation.  42 would have required priority funding for K-12 at the expense of other agencies and programs.  If the Legislature did not fund K-12 to some undetermined level, the Courts would have the power of the purse.  It was an amazing sleight of hand, sold to the voters as the greatest thing ever for K-12, all of course #ForTheChildren.

Opponents of 42 were painted as being against education, and of course, racist.

One of the Pro-42 tv ads that were ran showed a group of school kids singing “This Little Light of Mine” in the background, all touchy-feely-feelgood mumbo jumbo.  And you just know, if there were any classrooms where this particular song were being sung, these same Pro-42 folks would be raising hell about religion in the class, yada, yada, yada.

I’m real proud of my fellow Mississippians for rejecting the guilt-trip, seeing through the smoke screen, and sending this purulent piece of filth back to the do-gooders.

4 Responses

  1. So very thankful this pail of lies was defeated!

  2. Good for Mississippi.

    Meanwhile, in Houston, Mayor “Licked-D-Split” is all upset that her pet pervert proposition failed.

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