Cavuto and the Snowflake

I was embarassed for Keely Mullen, organizer for the Million Student March.

The lack of understanding of How Things Work was never more fully exposed than in this interview with FNC’s Neil Cavuto.

And they vote.

3 Responses

  1. Being publicly exposed as a moron ought to make her hide her head in shame, but I suspect she doesn’t know that she should be ashamed to be so stupid.

  2. It was so clear that she had never been challenged on her basic assumption: that redistribution of wealth is gooooooood.

  3. Good morning everyone, I hope everything is well?

    What a dumbass, she basically answered herself that her generation wants socialism. What happened to a little elbow grease and some sweat to make a decent living??? Yep, laziness is getting to be a major chronic illness!!!
    My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of France and to all that were affected by ’em ucking cowards!!
    I sure love to watch a good college knockdown, dragout, etc. football game.

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