Remember all those pictures of mosques being lit up in the colors of the French flag, in solidarity with the French people?

Yeah, me neither.


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  1. This is going to be cold-hearted but the USA has had it to soft for to long and WHEN it comes here, (yes it is coming, no if about it), I just hope the bleeding hearts will wake up. There are a few Patriots that will take care of business. Most people have forgotten about (or were not taught about) 12/07/1941 and 09/11/2001 when we were attacked and hundreds of thousand of people lost their lives after that. On those dates “communication” was our downfall and it WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Yes I am saying that the USA SHEEP ARE STUPID!!! -uck-em all!!!


  3. The Muslims do not deserve any compassion or dialogue if we are to defeat Islam

    Another lesson that the victory at Poitiers teaches us is that among the general Frankish population there were no values like compassion and chivalry towards any adversary. Hence they did not think of negotiating a peace with the defeated Arabs. They also never allowed any of the defeated Arabs to retreat and live to fight another day. They slaughtered all of them so that they could never again threaten France. The culture of the Franks was based on warfare, as was that of the Mongols under Hulagu, who also defeated the Muslims in 1258 at Baghdad. The Franks expected no quarter from the Muslims and gave none. They never pleaded for mercy from the ghoulish Muslim invaders, and whenever they had the chance, they gave no mercy to the defeated Muslims. The perception of an enemy as a legitimate object of destruction, was present in each and every Frankish soldier.

    The Franks were victorious as they did not have the dead-weight of a public opinion that cried “Stop the War”

    It was not that the Franks had the dead-weight of a public opinion that cried “Stop the War” or “Down with Charles Martel” as the communists and their pro-Terrorist lackeys today shout “Down with Bush”. The Frankish leadership and the lay population, both represented an example of the public perception of the enemy being a legitimate object of destruction. This is a perception which existed among the Arabs in the 7th century and exists today in the 21st, and is a compliment that we need to return to the Muslims, if we are to ever defeat Islam.

    The only difference is that such a commonality of objectives of utterly destroying the enemy by using all means available, does not exist any longer in France, or anywhere else in the Western world today, where we see communist and other pro-terrorist marchers shouting anti-war slogans. Such was the ferocity of the Franks against the Arabs, that the words Ferangee or Feringi, which the Arabs used to refer to the Franks became an invective in Arab terminology.


  4. good stuff

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