The Battle for the Golden Egg returns, revenge on the minds of MSU’s seniors

The 2015 Egg bowl will be a classic.

Looking forward to seeing Dak Prescott on Senior Day at Davis Wade Stadium.

Go Dawgs! #HailState


Mississippi State’s seniors don’t want to go out the same way they came in. The memory of their first Egg Bowl has been a sour taste on the back of their tongues for the last four years, one they can’t and may never get rid of, though this Saturday may afford them an opportunity.

DSSZEBZRONWDPYP.20131129050856Their very first Egg Bowl, MSU went up to Oxford in 2012 having won three-straight in the Battle for the Golden Egg. It was only a few years, but the Bulldogs were undefeated against the Rebels under Dan Mullen and it seemed a lifetime since the last Ole Miss victory. At moments, it felt like State would never lose again. In a fit of excitement the year prior, Mullen said just that after MSU won in Starkville, declaring to the locker room that they would never lose to That School Up North. Ever.

Then 2012 happened…

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  1. Sure hope the Dawgs take care of business.
    Dak has been a good’un for MSU, a good representative and player.

  2. I’ll have to watch your Dawgs on replay, I’ll be watching my Sooners.

  3. I was sorry to see the Dawgs go down, Prescott will be a good NFL QB. On the other games of importance this weekend the Sooners looked the best of the best. It’ll be interesting to see how the playoff committee ranks the top teams on Tuesday. Yes, I hear the naysayers on my IA. Hawkeyes, that they shouldn’t be ranked due to strength of schedule. We are consistent in taking care of business, no matter if it looks pretty or not, so deal with it bitches!!! I agree that we need to handle MSU this weekend and see where we go from there. Hopefully the committee will look favorably when the final rankings come out.

    My final picks are: Alabama vs Oklahoma in 1st game and Clemson vs Iowa in the 2nd game and Oklahoma vs Iowa in the Championship game.
    Iowa hasn’t been crowned champion since 1958. SO BRING IT ON FOLKS, WE WILL DEAL WITH IT!!!!

    • Until or unless someone beats Iowa they are contenders and play very well together as a team.
      I like your set up, would love to see the Sooners face bama first. Bama hasn’t beat OU since 1963 and coach Stoops is 3-0 against them.
      While the game with Iowa would be fun, I still want to see OU get revenge on Clemson for last year and what better way than in the champeenship game.

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