Execution Watch: Richard Masterson, Texas

Texas carried out her first scheduled execution of 2016 yesterday.

Richard Masterson, 43, was pronounced dead at 6.53pm.

I am pleased to announce that Mark R. has agreed to become the new Execution Watch editor for the Blog.  I appreciate his dedication and his friendship.  He was invited to come aboard by N2L after Robbie decided to retire from blogging.  I am posting Mark’s notes from last night in this entry, however, he will assume full authorship with his next post.  Please join me in welcoming Mark to the gang.

As always, each Execution Watch will show up on the main page of the Blog, and follow up will appear on the Execution Watch page.

Tonight, as my SO celebrates her birthday (no I’m not telling which one), Texas expects to execute Richard Masterson.

Masterson was convicted in the murder of Darin Honeycutt. Masterson claimed that it was an accidental death caused during a gay sexual encounter (you can read the AG link for details, children may be present). Eight days later in Tampa, Florida Masterson tried to kill another gay man in the same manner, and admitted that he tried to kill him and “there was nothing sexual about it” with the only difference being that the Floridian survived while Honeycutt didn’t.

He made the generally stupid mistake of testifying in his own defense (the attorney tried to warn him about doing so, but just as the prosecution cannot force the defendant to testify, the defense attorney cannot force the defendant not to testify) which, of course, resulted in a guilty conviction.

In the punishment phase, the State presented six cases of prior violent acts (involving both former girlfriends, fellow inmates, and correctional officers). Masterson (apparently not learning his lesson from testifying the first time) once again testified in the punishment phase, and flat out admitted that he would be a future danger and that “everyone has to live and die by their choices”. And for his admission he got a death sentence.

His appeals were generally unsuccessful with the SCOTUS, on June 15 of last year, DENYING review.

Although I don’t agree with the belief that a person is born gay or straight, even a pervert doesn’t deserve to die violently at the hands of another pervert (or one claiming to be).

Attorney General news release: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/news/releases/media-advisory-richard-allen-masterson-scheduled-for-execution

TDCJ info:

For the record, I have been offered an opportunity by the leader of this forum to take over our dearly departed friend N2L’s duties in Execution Watch, which I have accepted. At some point he will provide privileges so I can provide real articles (I’m looking forward to the Battaglia case, the sorry CPA who stained my honorable profession).

Updates:    I forgot to mention that the case has gotten notoriety because Pope Francis has been following it, appealing for mercy:

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  1. Welcome aboard Mark.

    I did happen to hear on Fox 4 in Dallas that next week another one is set to get the needle and there are 8 on death row this year so far.
    I have been out of the blogging loop for awhile, so when did Robbie retire?

    • Currently there are nine scheduled executions.

      Freeman tonight is the last one for January.

      Only one in February: Gustavo Garcia (killed a beverage store clerk in 1992 so this one has been mooching off taxpayers for 24 years).

      March has three: Coy Westbrook (killed his ex-wife and three men; won’t say much else as children may be present), Adam Ward (killed a code enforcement officer in Commerce), and the much-anticipated Battaglia.

      April has two: Pablo Vasquez (killed a 12-year-old male) and Robert Pruett (killed a correctional officer at the McConnell Unit in Bee County).

      None in May, one in June: Charles Flores (killed an elderly woman during a robbery, didn’t get any money in the deal), and one in July: Perry Williams (killed a man returning a video).

  2. 2 years ago

  3. Due to a technical problem on my end, I will have to provide commentary by posting to the main Execution Watch article. If Nuke can transfer things over afterwards I will be happy.

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