In Remembrance of John/N2L

A guest post by Crochunter


As you all know I have known John for many years. A few years back John introduced me to the blogging world and I started to dabble in writing. One day I asked John what advice he would give to make me a better writer, without hesitation he told me to “write from the heart”. Looking back that is what gave John the passion along with his wit to become a great writer. Using his advice, yours truly will attempt to write and see where it takes me. I’m going to attempt to give a better insight into the private man we knew and loved.
The times that John opened up and talked about his family he always had a sparkle in eyes especially when he was going to visit. He loved them very much. I got introduced to John’s mom before she passed away. She was a sweetheart.
One of John’s other hobbies was cooking. It seemed like when he wasn’t working, the rest of the time was spent in the kitchen honing his skills as a house chef. A few hours before college football Saturday was to start he would be fixing a meal and/or snacks so he could concentrate on the football games of the day especially when his beloved Oklahoma Sooners were on the gridiron. Anybody who knew John soon realized not to bother him during a OU game, you might get a response at halftime otherwise it was after the game.
Debating was second nature to John, I have not seen many better. Politics was his strong suit and he would leave many of our liberal co-workers in tears, soon they learned to scatter like rats when John was around. He could rip-em up and down both sides and have a big grin on his face in the process.
Blogging was another one of his passions, to spend time with his internet friends and to give opinions that mattered to him. Oh yeah, to give them pesky lib-turds hell.
As a friend it was hard to find any better, if you needed help he would be there as soon as he could. John was a unique man and did things his way and time frame. As friends I know he cared about us all in his own way.
We all have different memories of the good and compassionate man that we called John/N2L. May we all treasure those memories until we all unite in heaven.
Rest in peace my friend,

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  1. well done, Crochunter. Thank you.

  2. No, THANK YOU for the opportunity to share our friend with the world.

  3. He didn’t spare the claws on his friends if he thought their thinking was wrong-headed, either. We had email arguments that fairly scorched the inboxes. He’d tell me he was going to immediately delete such a boring email and go read something more interesting, like his spam file. Not being one to be meek and apologetic, I’d tell him that he needed to get laid and maybe that would improve his disposition and maybe he wouldn’t be such a contrary ol’ goat. And he’d email the next day and inquire as to whether or not I had anything interesting to say today.

    He was always there sending an encouraging note when I was frazzled to the very core taking mom in and out of the hospital for her cancer treatments.

    I still can’t believe he’s gone. I’m not going to believe it. He’s at the lake indefinitely. One day I’ll get a message in the inbox asking whether I ever intend to write in my blog again, or whether I intend to bore my readers to death waiting….

    • Very true, his claws could go after anyone and cantankerous as a mule at times. I agree, the fog is slowly lifting and it helped to write this piece but still in shock. Keep a eye on the inbox, you never know.

      • *sigh* Never mind me. I’m just so ANGRY that he died which, I know, makes no sense. How dare he go without knowing how much he meant to all of us? At the same time, I’m heartbroken for the loss.

  4. I didnt know. This makes me sick…

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