Rules? In a knife fight?

Each time I hear Donald Trump complain about the supposed unfairness of the Cruz campaign in the closing moments of the Iowa Caucuses, it’s hard not to be reminded of the knife fight scene from Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid

Frankly, the Trump Schtick is beginning to wear thin with me.  I’m on the record as saying he will get my vote if he wins the nomination, but I’m beginning to doubt if he has the staying power to finish the Primary season, much less mount an effective general election campaign.

If Trump wants to talk about unfairness, then let’s hear him come out for the inclusion of Carly Fiorina in the upcoming ABC debate.

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  1. I’ll put myself on record of voting for either Trump or Cruz, still undecided as of now. I love the fact that Trump is making people think and hopefully breaking the brainwashing spell that the establishment has had over the people for many years.
    I pray that Trump is not a fly by night operator like Ross Perot was in ’92. We need someone to hold the establishment accountable for their actions. I would love to see term limits on Congress and a cap of some sort for the lobbyists just for starters.
    On the political tv shows that I was half listening to this morning, they were talking about Sanders being a possible threat for getting the nomination for the Democrats. It turns my stomach to say this, I agree that Sanders has a very good shot of getting the nod for the Democrats. My reasoning is that the people are very tired of the establishment and will vote their party lines to, in their opinion, get rid of the problem.
    Yes, in my writings I will use “THE ESTABLISHMENT” many times, that’s what Washington is until the people change that in the ballot boxes.
    In my travels around the DFW area of Texas the bumper stickers for the presidential candidates are starting to rear their ugly head and 2 of the ones that concern me the most are Sanders stickers on cars driven by young women.
    Time will tell!!

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