Hurricanes~Can’t Do A Thing About Them

Where Were You When You Heard Elvis Had Died?

Today, 16 Aug, is the date in 1977 that Elvis left this mortal coil.

I was in my early twenties, headed into Texas City with my best and oldest friend. We got together after work, loaded up his old International Harvester SUV “The Goose” and were bound for an inlet to Galveston Bay for some crabbing.  My best bud, a pharmacist, had grown up a fisherman and sportsman, as had I.  I was a student at UT-Austin, working a summer job in Houston as a painter’s helper on the Galleria II project.

As we were rolling into Texas City and turning off IH-45, the announcer on the big Houston rock’n’roll radio station stated, with a somber tone, “The King Is Dead.” Being in a party mode since leaving Houston, we looked at each other with blood shot eyes and went…whaaaa?  I said, seriously, who cares about the monarchy? Then the announcer stated it was Elvis who had died of congestive heart failure. That new information clue-batted us and we both expressed our shock and disbelief.

Elvis had been a part of our lives since we were toddlers.  My parents would drop us boys off at my grandparent’s farm on Saturday afternoon and go into Shreveport to have dinner, then go see this new singing sensation at the Louisiana Hayride, a young man named Elvis.  Of course my grandparent’s didn’t approve of this new “devil” music, no more than my parents approved of my Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin music, years later.

I can remember, even though I was only about four at the time, being scooped up and loaded in my Dad’s Buick Special for the midnight ride home, trying to understand where my parents had been and asking questions.

Years went by, I heard all of his songs and saw all of his movies(silly as most were), but it was Elvis, no one else looked like him or acted like him.  In the late sixties his star was waning and his Las Vegas era replaced the hit making young hip shaker. I was now into hard rock and paid little attention to his now faded glory.

But on this day, when I discovered he had passed away far too early, his impact on my life came flooding back with many memories.

*PS*  Elvis’ spirit was with my bud and I that afternoon and evening, we filled two large ice chests with huge blue shell crabs and made it home safely without injury or a DWI.

WFFOT! It’s A Natural Thing

/*21 days*

It Might Be The Middle Of Summer, But It Is Only 24 Days Until NCAA Football

Until some new memories are made by talented players in big games, viewing old videos is all we have.

Here is a tribute video to one of my all-time favorite ankle breakers from the 70’s, he wore number 24.

The Sandusky Serenade

According to Business Insider, that is what the inmates of the first jail he was sent to sang to Sandusky when the lights went out.

That is even funnier than the Massachusetts GOP giving Elizabeth Warren a subscription to for her birthday.

It has yet to be confirmed, but initial accounts are quite a few of the inmates in the county jail where Sandusky is housed are Sam Cooke fans.

The Rain Song, 1994

The Rain Song from No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded with the London Metropolitan Orchestra
Vocals: Robert Plant

An Emotional Plea: Help With A Rescue, Be An Occupy Angel

With Sarah McLachlan tugging at your emotions, you simply must pick up the phone and help.

Haunting And Heartfelt Melodies Stuck In My Head

Thanks to one of my favorite television shows, Justified, the following songs have been implanted in my brain.

First, this song was written by Darrell Scott and is performed by Patty Loveless. Just as surely as Johnny Cash took ownership of many songs he covered, the lovely and talented Ms. Loveless owns You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive.

Second, a song of the South and of sharecroppers. I don’t know the origins of the song, but the talented Gillian Welch takes us to a place and tells a story of love and pain.

Since I can’t get these haunting songs out of my brain pan, I thought maybe sticking them in your’s might be a good idea.

Highsteppin’ and Fancy Dancing

When you’re looking at the world and you’re wondering what’s wrong with everything but you.

Wake Up!

Live from Memphis ………

Misery Business

Zevon, Seger, Matthews

Ain’t nothing like being stuck between a rock and a hard place, and being down on your luck…

Turn the page

getting jiggy

It was a fine summer y’all.

Barry White, Bill Withers, Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone, Marvin Gaye, Teddy Pendergrast

I did not know you had me hypnotized …

And I’m sure he meant well …. sometimes

Just get on board …

Number one’s gonna be number one

Let’s get it on

Turn off the lights …

Midweek Axe Love

Earl Slick with David Bowie, live on the Beeb.


Bowie in Tokyo

1978 Station to Station

We Are So Screwed, Might As Well Play While We Can

Cryin’ won’t help you, prayin’ won’t do you no good…

Debt 102% of GDP…$114.5 trillion in unfunded liabilities…QE3 coming…


To The Tea Party Patriots: Accroches-toi a ton reve

Hold on tight to your dream
Hold on tight to your dream
When you see your ship go sailing
When you feel your heart is breaking
Hold tight to your dream.

It’s a long time to be gone
Time just rolls on and on
When you need a shoulder to cry on
When you get so sick of trying
Just hold tight to your dream

When you get so down that you can’t get up
And you want so much but you’re all out of luck
When you’re so downhearted and misunderstood
Just over & over & over you could

Accroches-toi a ton reve
Accroches-toi a ton reve
Quand tu vois ton bateau partir
Quand tu sents — ton coeur se briser
Accroches-toi a ton reve.


Hold on tight to your dream
Hold on tight to your dream
When you see the shadows falling
When you hear that cold wind calling
Hold on tight to your dream.

Oh, yeah
Hold on tight to your dream
Yeah, hold on tight…
To your dream.

Ooooooo, sha-sha! ♫

Sly and the Family Stone, a tight performance on live TV.

Get your groove on ….

‘Tupelo Honey’

I had searched many times for a good video version of Van Morrisons’s awesome song and now I have found one. A live performance from the 1980 Montreux Jazz Festival.

This one is for my dear, sweet Momma…her theme song.

You can take all the tea in china
Put it in a big brown bag for me
Sail right around the seven oceans
Drop it straight into the deep blue sea
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
She’s an angel of the first degree
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like honey from the bee

You can’t stop us on the road to freedom
You can’t keep us ’cause our eyes can see
Men with insight, men in granite
Knights in armor bent on chivalry
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
She’s an angel of the first degree
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like honey from the bee

You can’t stop us on the road to freedom
You can’t stop us ’cause our eyes can see
Men with insight, men in granite
Knights in armor intent on chivalry
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
She’s an angel of the first degree
She’s as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like honey from the bee

You know she’s alright
You know she’s alright with me
She’s alright, she’s alright (she’s an angel)

Gary Moore, RIP

Gary Moore, guitarist has died. He was 58.

here is a video of Gary, on his trademark ’59 Les Paul. Nice.

Seasonal Videos Gone Viral

From Gateway Pundit, two terrific seasonal videos that are racking up views.

First, with nearly 10,000,000 views in 18 days.

Next, with over one and a half million views in 9 days.

To my Christian friends, Merry Christmas.
To my Jewish friends, Happy Hanakkah.

Black Friday

Steve Martin “The Crow”

Just watched Austin City Limits on PBS. Good stuff!

Go to the link at vodpod,


Still rockin’ (after all these years)

Once bitten, twice shy ….

Gunter glieben glauchen globen … 80’s guitar riffs.

Love em or hate em, the guitar riffs are great.

From Def Leppard, photograph, rock of ages, and pour some sugar

Remembering Stevie Ray


Posted on August 26, 2010 at 9:29 PM

Updated today at 12:46 PM

Twenty years ago, guitar legend and Austin icon Stevie Ray Vaughan was doing what he did best.

On August 26, 1990, the Grammy winner was on stage playing to 30,000 fans, but that show would be his last.

“We were at the top of our game. It was kind of like an understanding in the band that everyone gave 110 percent every time you got up there, no excuses”, said Tommy Shannon, bassist for Double Trouble.

Stevie Ray Vaughan moved to Austin in 1971, and changed the local music scene.

At that time, Shannon couldn’t imagine a world without his band leader. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble were hot, and playing to a sold-out crowd at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin along with Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, and Buddy Guy.

“The magic of it was those two days with Eric, Eric Clapton. We were staying in Chicago. I had a good talk with Stevie after that last show. Everybody was feeling great. We were glad for what we had, what we had come through, and that we were all in great shape. We liked each other, loved each other, loved our band,” said drummer Chris Layton.

But the band and music would forever change that night.

Layton remembers this conversation with Vaughan, “He said, ‘I’m going’ and I said ‘goin where?’ He said ‘I’m goin back to Chicago. They offered me a seat on one of the helicopters to go back’. I said ‘why are you leaving?’ Everybody was there; his brother, his sister-in-law, management, all this different family. And he said he was going to go back and call his girlfriend in New York, and I said, ‘They got phones all over the place,’ and he said, ‘I gotta…I gotta go…I’m going to go.'”

Then early the next morning, they got the news no one wanted to hear. “He said one of the helicopters, the one Stevie was on went down and there were no survivors. And I have no words to describe what that moment was like”, said Shannon.

The members of Double Trouble rarely talk about that night. The pain still makes it difficult.


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