Texas Loves Its High School Football

This past weekend(Dec 19-21) was a festival of high school football state championship games, ten games in all.  The previous weekend featured the Six Man championships.

Football Party In Texas

Texas high school football is organized by classification according to the student population of each school with 5A being the largest, followed by 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A and then Six Man.  Each classification has two divisions, once again student population determines which teams in each district are designated Div I or II.

With that out of the way, twelve state champions were crowned in all.  What is amazing about the two Six Man championship games played on 14 Dec., the attendance for the Div.I game between Crowell(population 928) and May(population 1,942) was 6,842.   In contrast, the attendance at the Florida 8A state championship game was 9,979.

The total attendance for all twelve state championship games was in excess of 230,000.  The 5A Div.I state championship game, featuring the #2 team in the country set a new attendance record for a Texas state championship game breaking a record that had stood since 1977, with 54,347.

Even Gov. Perry was there to celebrate the festivities, presenting the game offensive and defensive MVP awards, as well as the Championship Trophies.

Besides numerous teams repeating as state champs, one team, Aledo High School, won the 4A Div.II championship and also set a new National Record for most points scored in a season,breaking the 1,000 point barrier with 1,023.

It was a festival for those of us who truly love our high school football.  The finality of it means another long nine month wait until we get to do it again.

BTW, the attendance records at this year’s state championship festivities is also a little embarrassing to the numerous NCAA bowl games.

On The Occasion Of My High School Reunion

This reunion marked forty-five years since we graduated from good Ol’MHS(Marshall High School).

Our class graduated around two hundred twenty five on 1 Jun 68. We were a pretty close bunch and since our ten year reunion we have gotten together every five years since, except for five years ago when many personal family issues of the people who had always organized events interrupted our streak. This year, a different group of classmates stepped up and took charge, refusing to let our life long connection end without notice.

In the months leading up to our reunion, my friends began the organizing and planning. Locating everyone was a much more challenging task than I would have thought and discovered from one of my classmates that she did a public records search of my name (and variants) and discovered there were two people with the same name in Dallas. She contacted one of the men and discovered that he was recently deceased, but when the woman she was talking to said his body had been returned to their home town in Kansas, she realized it wasn’t me. She finally got my email address from my oldest and best friend.

I had informed her that I truly wanted to be there, but due to demands on my time, I couldn’t be certain until a day or two before the event on Saturday, 26 Oct 13(I think I even used the term “game day decision”). On Thursday I was certain I would attend and let her know. I had planned to leave Dallas early that afternoon and make the two hour drive to arrive in Marshall early enough to gorge on some bodacious Brown Pigs. That was the plan, which got blown up quickly on Friday and didn’t leave Dallas until 6:15p.m. and there wasn’t a road or freeway that wasn’t clogged, making a normal twenty five minute drive to clear the last suburb East of Dallas a one hour and twenty five minute adventure of brake dust and a growling stomach.

By the time I reached Marshall it was 9:30p.m. and mercifully a Wendy’s appeared. I gulped down the burger and fries while driving the remaining fifteen miles to my friend’s lake house while listening to my High School’s exciting football game, which they won with two seconds left in the game on a field goal(45-42). I couldn’t be distracted, though, the “rut” is about to start and deer or other critters could dash out of the woods onto the dark, lonely highway and its rolling hills.
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The final countdown to the 2013-14 NCAA College Football season is upon us, and Game Week is here.

Yeah, Baby!!

Game One Predictions will follow on Wednesday.


7 days from kickoff     Mississippi State Football.      #Fight4MSU      #HailState


No. 7 Matt Wyatt played QB for the Bulldogs during the 1996-1999 seasons. During his career for the Bulldogs, he threw for 2940 yards and 16 touchdowns. He was named to the SEC All-Freshman team in 1996 and was a four year letterman for the Bulldogs, earning those honors for the 1996-1999 seasons. In April of 2011, Wyatt was named Color Analyst for the Mississippi State football broadcast crew, where he works alongside Jim Ellis and John Correro.

I feel so much safer, don’t you?


#opencarry, #2ndamendment, #selfdefense, #whatpartofshallnotbeinfringeddontyouunderstand, #teaparty, #patriot

88 days

How bout dem dawgs!


College football season will be here before you know it.

(thank goodness)

Bluebonnets of Texas

Beautiful this time of year.


h/t ronnie gentry

Happy Trails, J.R.

Larry Hagman, who played one of television’s most infamous villains – the amoral oil tycoon JR Ewing – in the longrunning soap Dallas, has died at the age of 81.

It was a nice gig. Thanks for the entertainment, Larry. (Article excerpted from UK Guardian)

SRV: Life Without You

OH….IT’S ON!!!

First, a primer for Saturday’s game.

Second, some SRV music.(begins at 1:04)

Third, where your beef comes from.

Fourth, Bevo wants to be on your burger.

Fifth, the Sooners got an early Christmas present on Wednesday when Jalen Saunders(who transferred to OU in January) was cleared to play by the NCAA.

Finally, unless you live here you can’t fully appreciate the intensity of this rivalry.

Notable quotes:

“Football, in its purest form, remains a physical fight. As in any fight, if you don’t want to fight, it’s impossible to win.”-Coach Bud Wilkinson

The sight of burnt orange makes me puke.
Brian Bosworth(The Boz)

R.I.P. Carroll Shelby, You Are A Legend And Texas Original

Just another Friday afternoon in Big D, doing all the usual things to finish up the week while making mental notes for the weekend. While stopped at an intersection, I pick up my Samsung Galaxy Note to see who just emailed me and it was a link from one of my brothers, which I open.

I don’t know how long it was before the deep breath I took was expelled. I couldn’t process what I was reading and didn’t want to…American racing legend Carroll Shelby dead at 89.

As the light changed and traffic began to move again, I was numb. If the song “The Sky Is Crying” had been playing it would have been apropos, as it was raining and my tears were rolling down the street.
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Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme

Krugman says social security is ponzi scheme

Gov Rick Perry says so. So did NYT economist and columnist Paul Krugman.

ZH points to this article from Boston Review.
I’ve saved a copy before it disappears down the memory hole.

Click on the thumbnail to enlarge …

I was there when we beat the Bear.

In 1980, Mississippi State enjoyed one of it’s finest victories on the gridiron, ending top-ranked Alabama’s 28 game winning streak.

Emory Bellard was the coach.

Bellard, 83 has died.

RIP, Coach.

h/t Marcello

previously:  Wishbone Wisdom

read more:  ESPN

Steve Martin “The Crow”

Just watched Austin City Limits on PBS. Good stuff!

Go to the link at vodpod,


“I almost shot LBJ”

Just 14 hours after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, former Secret Service Agent Gerald Blaine heard footsteps approaching his post in the darkness.  He pointed his automatic weapon at the chest of the approaching figure who turned out to be the newly sworn-in President Lyndon Johnson.

Blaine’s new book The Kennedy Detail is a first-hand account of the assassination and its aftermath.
Should be a good read.


Team Dewhurst: Fight Obamacare

Team Dewhurst is out with a new video to rally Texans against Obamacare.

Remembering Stevie Ray



Posted on August 26, 2010 at 9:29 PM

Updated today at 12:46 PM

Twenty years ago, guitar legend and Austin icon Stevie Ray Vaughan was doing what he did best.

On August 26, 1990, the Grammy winner was on stage playing to 30,000 fans, but that show would be his last.

“We were at the top of our game. It was kind of like an understanding in the band that everyone gave 110 percent every time you got up there, no excuses”, said Tommy Shannon, bassist for Double Trouble.

Stevie Ray Vaughan moved to Austin in 1971, and changed the local music scene.

At that time, Shannon couldn’t imagine a world without his band leader. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble were hot, and playing to a sold-out crowd at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre in Wisconsin along with Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, and Buddy Guy.

“The magic of it was those two days with Eric, Eric Clapton. We were staying in Chicago. I had a good talk with Stevie after that last show. Everybody was feeling great. We were glad for what we had, what we had come through, and that we were all in great shape. We liked each other, loved each other, loved our band,” said drummer Chris Layton.

But the band and music would forever change that night.

Layton remembers this conversation with Vaughan, “He said, ‘I’m going’ and I said ‘goin where?’ He said ‘I’m goin back to Chicago. They offered me a seat on one of the helicopters to go back’. I said ‘why are you leaving?’ Everybody was there; his brother, his sister-in-law, management, all this different family. And he said he was going to go back and call his girlfriend in New York, and I said, ‘They got phones all over the place,’ and he said, ‘I gotta…I gotta go…I’m going to go.'”

Then early the next morning, they got the news no one wanted to hear. “He said one of the helicopters, the one Stevie was on went down and there were no survivors. And I have no words to describe what that moment was like”, said Shannon.

The members of Double Trouble rarely talk about that night. The pain still makes it difficult.

The Official Birthplace Of ‘Boogie Woogie’ Is My Home Town

I came across this information a little over a week ago. Following links and reading about the history of this unique musical style has consumed hours of my time. Not only am I fascinated with the extensive research into the history of Boogie Woogie, but it has been an education about the history of the town and region of Texas where I grew up.

Born in the pine tree logging camps near my hometown before the War Between The States, a small narrow gauge rail line existed between Caddo Lake and Marshall(about fifteen miles), which did not connect to any other major rail lines. At about the time of the War, that track was removed and helped to connect Marshall(a major city in the state and Confederacy) to Shreveport, La., only thirty five miles to the East. After the War, Marshall became a major railroad hub and Boogie Woogie was then free to travel the globe…which it has done.

The extensive research for this official designation came from one Dr. John Tennison of the Boogie Woogie Foundation. I didn’t fully understand what a tremendous impact Boogie Woogie has had on the music world, until I read through the vast amount of information on that site, including the wealth of links.
You owe it to yourself to read as much as you can, for it truly is a work of love.
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GTT–The New Reconstruction

I’ve mentioned before that one of the phrases I recall from Mississippi History class, all those years ago, was the phrase “Gone to Texas.”

In the era known as “Reconstruction,” thousands of Mississippians migrated to Texas for a new beginning, often leaving the letters “GTT” scrawled on the door of their abandoned homes.

With all the chatter on the internets about toxic rains, raising the possibility of mass evacuations of the Gulf Coast, is a new era of Reconstruction soon to begin for the Deep South? I realize that this is all just internet rumor and speculation at this point, and I don’t take it seriously. But somewhere in the corners of my mind, a nagging suspicion and an uneasiness exists. It has begun to occupy my thoughts. Is it prudent to at least begin thinking about contingencies?

I don’t know what others will do. But, for me and mine, if it comes about, I think I know where we’ll go.

Hope for the Gulf Coast

An all natural, non-toxic oil emulsifier that is completely biodegradable, and has been proven to work on an oil sludge in Wyoming, offers hope to residents of the Gulf Coast.

Update: Video report

The product is the work of an Ocala, Florida company named Global Petroleum Environmental Technologies. It’s called Ecosafe.

From FirstCoastNews ….. ”  the U.S. Department of Energy, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, a congressman, and a leading environmental agency have praised the patented Ecosafe.

But the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has not approved it, and until it does, Ecosafe cannot be used to clean up the Gulf oil spill.

You would think that an Administration that has made a living peddling hope would be all over this. Not this time, however.


Yesterday, Obama’s Secty of State reminded us of the Obama Mantra, “Never waste a good crisis.”

And, in an email sent out today, President Obama claimed that “… from the beginning, we have worked to deploy every tool at our disposal to respond to this crisis.

Well, not every tool, including one that is called, “most effective method of oil cleanup.”  And not Ecosafe, either.

How do you explain Team Obama’s disregard for the Gulf?  FecklessnessIncompetence? Or is it something else?

Obama has known from the beginning that the gusher would likely last for months. In fact, he was first briefed in April on how bad the spill would be. Some have concluded that Obama has decided to use this crisis to revive cap and trade legislation. Interestingly, the same EPA that is blocking Ecosafe has promised to implement cap and trade through regulatory procedures in the event that Congress fails to pass legislation.

Others have questioned if it is a red state-blue state thing. I’m not that cynical. Not yet, anyway.

Which brings me back to David Clark and Fernando deTorres of Ecosafe. They told FCN,

“There is a public out there without hope.

They think, ‘we can’t remediate our marshes.'”

Ecosafe is offering hope to the Gulf. Hope that is based on proven results, not rhetoric.

Are you listening Mr. President?

Update: Obama delivers knockout punch

h/t swampwoman

BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill — LIVE CAM

Here is a link to the BP Live-Cam.

>>>  ((HERE))

Update: >>>   ((HERE)) is a multiplex view, 12 different camera angles

So Long, Texas Stadium

Sad to see it go.

(skip to 6:30)


It’s Primary Night in Texas

UPDATE: Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison has conceded the Texas Republican gubernatorial primary to Gov. Rick Perry.

Early returns are looking good for Rick Perry …

KBH                        45,530     30.65%
Debra Medina      23,914     16.09%
Rick Perry            79,094     53.24%

Go Rick!

Live-blogging the election returns at Urban Grounds

Mike Leach Fired From Texas Tech!

From the ESPN article:

The school handed a termination letter to Leach’s attorney, Ted Liggett, just minutes before the two sides were to appear in a Lubbock courtroom for a hearing on the coach’s suspension.

Liggett said the letter said Leach was “terminated with cause effective immediately.”

For those not familiar with the incidents involved, it was alleged that Coach Leach had a player confined to small dark rooms for hours, when he couldn’t practice or play due to a concussion. The player is the son of former SMU/NFL running back and ESPN analyst Craig James.

It wouldn’t have been difficult to conduct this investigation, all they had to do was question the team trainer that was told to lock him in the unlit rooms…case closed. And so it is, and Coach Leach is now fired.

I have always viewed Mike Leach with a bit of apprehension, as he just seemed…odd, somehow. The “mad scientist” coach who never played the game, and always seemed detached or aloof from the players themselves, only concerned with the X’s and O’s.

I’m certain this will bring a change in the fortunes of Texas Tech football, but winning without caring for the players is just being mercenary about the sport.

While this is likely going to cause some dissension among team mates, as I’m certain many are still loyal to their coach, the team will be much better off moving forward without him, and his odd ball ways.

Texas:The NCAA’s QB Factory!

Texas High School football has had a long and storied history. Anyone familiar with football in this state can name a long list of former Texas football greats, from almost any era.

In the current era of High School football, however, the list of Quarterbacks competing at the highest levels of the NCAA’s FBS schools is simply astounding.

My friend Nuke asked me last year, why are there so many QBs from Texas playing for big time college football teams. At that time, Chase Daniel was still playing for Missouri, Matthew Stafford was at Georgia, and the newest kid of notice, particularly for Nuke since he is from Mississippi, was the Ole Miss QB, Jevan Snead.

My answer to Nuke was, and still is, Texas Seven On Seven football, which began in 1998. In the current Rivals recruiting rating on Qbs, Texas has nine listed in the top fifty, while California(traditionally dominant) has eleven recruits.

Which brings us to the current QBs in the NCAA FBS statistical leaders, as well as the major bowl games.

Of the top fifty highest statistically rated QBs in the NCAA, fifteen(33%) played high school football in Texas. Also, of the thirty four bowl games, there will be twelve starting QBs from Texas, including the two from the teams competing for the BCS Championship game, Alabama and Texas.

It is also important to note that the top statistical QB in the country is from Texas, Case Keenum, from 3A Abilene Wylie High School, which is competing for the state championship this very day. Case has set new records at the University of Houston, breaking those set by Heisman Trophy winner Andre Ware, and his successor David Klingler. It’s unfortunate that UofH doesn’t get more exposure, as Case is deserving of consideration for the Heisman, but then there is always next year.
He’s only a junior.

What the Seven On Seven has meant for the QBs in our state who participate each summer in this program is they get many, many repetitions throwing the prolate spheroid. This affords them the opportunity to develop accuracy, finesse, strength, timing and vision, all attributes that translate directly to on the field performance.

Since the era of Slingin’ Sammy Baugh, to the current era, Texas High School football has encountered many different styles of play, but putting the ball in the air is still the most exciting and productive means to move the chain down the field.

At Urban Grounds.

What A Horse Taught Me About ‘Loss Of Purpose’

It was one of those moments that come with a casual observation, followed by an epiphany.

I seldom venture into the downtown Dallas area, and even more rarely on a Saturday afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I did so, but in the past, downtown was always dominated by visitors and tourists. The historic West End is the number one entertainment district, which also includes the Sixth Floor Museum of the JFK assassination infamy. As an additional tourist attraction, there is a service that provides horse drawn carriage rides in this area.

This is where my learning moment came from.

I was heading home, and winding through some of the cities streets, only minutes away from the North Dallas Tollway, and a quick twenty minute ride home. As I passed through an intersection, I noticed the horse drawn carriage, with the driver, and two passengers sitting at a red light. There was nothing remarkable about the scene, but I gathered much from a quick glance. The driver of the carriage was perched in his seat at an angle, so that he could see ahead and behind, and interact with his passengers, though everyone seemed quiet. I also glanced at the horse, which really got my attention. The white horse didn’t seem particularly well groomed or nourished. In fact, it seemed to me that it was dirty, although, it could have been the distinctive coloring of this horse, but more than anything else, I noticed it’s dejected spirit.

I should state, at this point, that I have always been an admirer of horses, they are magnificent animals, and I have owned and ridden a few, over the years. However, it always troubled me, that in order to ride a horse, it first had to have it’s spirit ‘broken.’

So, here was a scene, intended to reflect the historic area, with a horse drawn carriage, but in the midst of a built up urban center, with towering buildings, traffic lights, and paved roads. It is, to me, a fraud, a service sold as a sort of bucolic fun, but it is only another method to extract money from those willing to play along. I can’t imagine this service is very lucrative, certainly not now, with the decline in the economy, and far fewer tourists to the area. Yet, here was this old horse, strapped to a buggy with rubber lined wooden wheels, trudging along in a busy urban area.

I stopped at the next intersection for a red light, and watched in my mirrors, as the carriage turned onto the same street I was on.
Each hoof movement, was matched with the horse in the way he moved his head. The horse never lifted its head up, there was no joy or pride in what it was doing, and with its low hanging head bobbing along with each step, my heart plunged, as I could read its body language, having experienced a similar feeling. It was just putting one hoof in front of another, with the clopping sound of its large hooves being the only affirmation that it was actually alive.

I’m watching this scene, which only takes moments in my life, but it scans my minds eye for a life time of learning experiences.

What does a horse know about life? We know they have emotions, and are one of God’s creatures that we have dominion over, but do horses even know they exist? Do horses have dreams? What is the purpose of a horse? For that matter, what is the purpose of a horse drawn carriage in this age?

I have given this some thought, the last few days, and have come to at least one conclusion, that a horse cannot know what a ‘loss of purpose’ is.

Every human knows what it is like to have purpose, and to have loss of purpose. One of the best examples is the empty feeling when a loved one is taken from us. Another may be in a job loss, or reversal of fortune, when what gave daily life meaning and purpose, is taken away. It can seem that the person may never be happy again, that the possibility of ever enjoying life again, is inconceivable. Yet, we continue on, clop by clop, step by step, as long as we believe, that we know, there is purpose in our doing so.

In Rick Warren’s ‘Purpose Driven Life’ he states:

So regardless of the circumstances of your birth, you can celebrate the fact that God created you to be you. God never does anything accidentally, and he never makes mistakes. He has a reason for everything he creates. Every plant and every animal was planned by God for a purpose, and every person was designed
with a purpose in mind, too. God’s motive for creating you is his love. The Bible says, “Long before he laid down earth’s foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love.”
God was thinking of you even before he made the world.

Warren is correct, there would be no purpose or reason for our existing, if it weren’t for God’s love. There would be no right or wrong, no good or evil; there would be no purpose or significance, and our deaths would be an end of nothingness, to nothingness.

While I may prefer to see that old horse running free in a field of tall grass and wild flowers, with its head held high, and its mane flying like a beautiful flag, I have to accept that there is a purpose in its trudging along on a hot city street. Just as there is for me.

I would like to thank that old pony, for the inspiration it has given me, and the self-examination of my own purpose. The next time I find myself in that area, I will make it a point to take along an apple, to at least let it know I admire and respect it as one of God’s creatures.


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