Marco Rubio: The Republican wing of the Republican Party

NRO’s David Freddoso interviews Florida’s Marco Rubio, who is set to challenge Charlie Crist for the US Senate.  Here is an excerpt:

FREDDOSO: Give me an example of that, showing a contrast between yourself and Governor Crist.

RUBIO: Quite frankly, you could say it’s a contrast between myself and the direction of the national Republican movement at this moment in our history, by and large, especially here in Washington, D.C. One example is term limits — we should be the party of term limits. We should be the party that says it’s not natural for any human being to serve more than half his adult life in the U.S. Congress.

We should be the party of the balanced-budget amendment — of the notion that we should not spend money we do not have. We should admit once and for all that Republicans are just as guilty as Democrats . . . in spending money we don’t have.

We should be the party of tax reform. We’re constantly talking about tax cuts and their importance, but tax reform is even better. Change our system of taxation, whether it’s a Fair Tax or a Flat Tax. Boldly propose changes to our tax system so that once again we have a country where we’re not encouraging companies to shift jobs overseas — where the tax implications of creating jobs in America are not negative, the tax implications of building things in America aren’t negative.

Rubio is a fine example of the depth of the conservative bench at the state level.  He combines fiscal conservatism with traditional conservative values in a way that makes him a very compelling candidate.  To borrow a phrase that was said back in 2004, Rubio represents the Republican wing of the Republican Party.

Even though the establishment Republicans are backing a popular governor in Charlie Crist, or maybe even because of their endorsement, my gut tells me that this will be a much closer race than the establishment folks are counting on.

Freddoso’s interview is excellent.  Read it all!

Art for art’s sake

The current governor of a major U.S. southern state, the campaign manager of a U.S. president, a senior West Coast congressman, a former mayor of New York City, and others are among those outed in Kirby Dick’s “Outrage.”

Charlie Crist, Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, and Ed Koch are supposedly “outed” in this rather indulgent piece of cinema.

I suppose the only real surprise in that group for me would be Dreier. And,FWIW, Brian Brooks’ review states only that Dreier was “rumored” to have had an improper relationship with his chief of staff, Brad Smith.

Not that it matters.  None of that shite matters. They’re all grown men.  They get to decide how to live their lives, and with whom.  Same as me, you, or anybody.  We’re all free to do pretty much anything we want to do, just so long as we’re willing to accept the consequences of our decisions.

In this case, Mr. Dick’s movie appears to me to be nothing more than a continuation of the 2006/08 scandal of the month political campaign waged by the left to demoralize and/or depress the Christian right.  It was a successful political strategy then, and will probably be effective against these men for no other reason than it is easier to scandalize than it is to govern.  Easier to demagogue than to engage in political debate.

But, it does make me wonder about the relentless push of the secularists to bring behavior that has long been considered deviant into the mainstream.  Not from the standpoint of tolerance, or even acceptance, but of embrace.  And those who do not embrace this new normal are mocked as bigots.

Strange times we live in.  Seems to me, a married, monogamous heterosexual is able to put sex in its proper perspective, and move on to more important things.  Not sex for sex’s sake.  And certainly not defining oneself by the act of sexual intercourse.

How shallow.  How sad.


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