‘We’re heading into nut country’

Ed Morrissey, writing at Hot Air ….

Jack Kennedy was killed in an open car in Dallas in the midst of the most hated–it’s like the mood we’re in right now. [Chris Matthews]

Well, except for that pesky fact that John Kennedy was assassinated not by some “un-American” conservative angry at government expansion, but by an avowed Communist, as Mark Finkelstein points out at NB.

In fact, it was the Texas Democrat party that President John Kennedy went to Dallas to visit, and had characterized to an aide as, “We’re heading into nut country,” nearly 46 years ago.

JFK had gone to Texas to attend fundraisers, and to try and heal the wounds in the South that came as a result of his administration’s agenda. It was a record, except for a few memorable moments, that was largely unremarkable.

The imaginary John Kennedy is remembered by Matthews and millions of others as one of the greatest ever. That his youngest brother is lionized by these same people is no great surprise.


Edward Kennedy – KGB collaborationist, Human Events, 12/08/2003

Ted Kennedy, NNDB

Ich bin ein beginner

An interesting contrast for your reading and pondering pleasure….

On tonight’s Hardball, Chris Matthews resurrected the old liberal saw/strawman of Obama as the victim of racist Republicans. (via Newsbusters):

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Let me ask you this. Isn’t he [McCain] handing out permission slips to vote against Barack? “Inexperience” is my favorite. Because you could have all kinds of problems with Barack Obama: ethnically, politically, culturally, class—I don’t know what the adjective is for class, but “classily.” And you can have every problem in the world with Mrs. Obama. But you could hide it all under, not hide it all, you could present it all under one word: “you know, I’ve got nothing against him. He’s a bright young man with a quality education, interesting new ideas. But he’s not quite ready yet.” And that’s a fair critique which covers all your reasons for opposing him.

Let’s cut through Matthews’ miasma. No one needs a “permission slip” to oppose a candidate on political, cultural or class grounds. Matthews’ allegation was unmistakable: McCain is intentionally broadcasting a subliminal appeal to racists. If ever a candidate has tried to avoid the race issue, it’s John McCain. Matthews should put up, shut up, or better yet, apologize.

And continuing along the same theme, a total and complete contradiction of Mathews’ assertion by film-maker Michael Moore, who in an open letter to Caroline Kennedy said this:

The toughest thing Barack has had to overcome — and it will continue to be his biggest obstacle — is that too many of the voters simply don’t know him well enough to vote for him. The fact that Obama is new to the scene is both one of his most attractive qualities AND his biggest drawback.

Talk about pretzel logic.

In the twisted reasoning of the left, Democrats fear Obama will lose because the American People rightfully question his lack of experience. But to question his experience is in itself a form of racism.


Election wrap-up

Things I have never noticed before….. (while watching the returns on the new hi-def TV)

Tim Russert has pimples, Chris Matthews is old and wrinkly, Keith Obamaman looks gay, and Nora O’Donnell wears too much make-up.

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