Execution Watch: Edgar Arias Tamayo(TX)

It’s a new year and first up for justice to be served is this creature for his twenty year old crime.

*Thug: Edgar Arias Tamayo(27 time of crime) 

*Date of execution: January 22, 2014

*Date of crime: January 31, 1994

*Victim: Guy P. Gaddis (Houston police officer, age 24)

*Last meal: Loser’s lunch, no special requests.

Meal was the same served to all inmates that night: a grilled pork chop, corn, Spanish rice, refried beans, mixed greens, and cornbread, with a choice of punch, tea, or water to drink.

*Final Words: “no”

Edgar Tamayo is a good example of why the death penalty is needed.  He was an ILLEGAL alien from Mexico that shot a young HPD officer in the back of the head three times after being arrested for robbery. 

This case is also becoming another Vienna convention circle jerk, much like Humberto Leal in 2011 and Jose Medellin in 2008.  The same tired arguments that were used then are being used now by Secretary of State John “Effing” Kerry.

Texas has traveled this road before.  It doesn’t matter where Tamayo’s native country is he came to Texas, ILLEGALLY, then committed the heinous crime of murder on one of our citizens, a police officer.  Tamayo was accorded all the same rights our citizens are in our justice system and was found guilty by a Houston jury, then sentenced to die for his crime.

I do not expect the board of pardons and paroles or Governor Perry to be moved by the international hand wringing from diplo-dinks or thug lovers.  There is always the possibility that the Supreme Court might intercede, but I believe that unlikely as the Medellin case set a precedent nearly six years ago.

Instead of worrying about how U.S. citizens might be treated in other countries as a result of this ILLEGAL alien’s execution, foreign nationals in this state (ILLEGAL or not) should be aware that we Texans will not tolerate our citizens being murdered.

Expect much wailing and gnashing of teeth from the thug lovers, they are emboldened by the international diplo-dink involvement, along with some Latin groups and AmNasty Int’l.

Update:  Here’s to you 17E23

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