Fred Thompson adopts the Reid Doctrine

The Reid Doctrine™: The bold declaration of pre-emptive surrender made by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in April 2007.

It was quickly echoed by both Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Joe Biden, as well as Barack Obama, John Kerry (who served in Viet Nam), and a host of other Democrats.

At The Politico, Ben Smith reports that a Republican, Fred Thompson, has adopted the Reid Doctrine™ in his criticism of Obama’s handling of the “overseas contingency operation” in Afghanistan …

“It really doesn’t matter how President Obama divides the Afghan baby, how he splits the difference between McChrystal and Biden. Because the war has been lost,” Thompson said on his radio show today. “I say this because of one sad and simple fact. The president does not have the will and determination to do what’s necessary to win it. His heart’s not in it, and never has been. The Taliban knows it. Al Qaeda knows it. Our allies know it. And the American people know it. {snip}

“Take your time, Mr. President,” Thompson said. Unless you have a total change of heart and mind, it really doesn’t make any difference.”

Obviously, the irony of accusing Obama of delivering a half-hearted effort is lost on Big Fred.

Regardless, this rhetoric is no more acceptable coming from a Republican than it is from a Democrat.

Shame on you, Fred Thompson.

More at HotAir

The Reluctant Candidate

Fred Thompson’s supporters are rightfully disappointed. Today was a tough one.

I’ve often thought, and several times written, that if Fred wanted the nomination half as much as his supporters wanted him to have it, the whole thing would have been wrapped up in Carolina.

He had everything going for him: momentum, money, star power, name recognition. Everything except presidential ambition. Carl Cameron has the background story……..

“Now It Can Be Told — The Thompson Story”

I reported first that [Fred] was eyeing a White House bid [in March 2007]. At the time several insiders told me OFF THE RECORD that it was largely a trial balloon to gauge his popularity and float his name as a possible vice presidential nominee. I was sworn to silence.

Those insiders have now lifted the conditions on our conversations. From March to August of 07 through postponed announcement days, staff changes, firings, resignations and general disarray the Thompson camp was stunned by the incredibly positive response and didn’t really know how to manage it. The trial balloon soared mighty high and he found himself being dragged into a race that he was not even sure how to run.

He took third in Iowa and Third in South Carolina, after which his aides openly suggested the #2 slot on the ticket. The circle has been closed, and Fred Dalton Thompson is waiting to see if he gets the call from the eventual nominee.

He has not said who he will endorse. He is friends with John McCain. But if he doesn’t throw his support behind anyone …it makes it easier to be picked by everyone.

Tactically For Fred

Writing in Teh Spectator, Quinn Hillyer seeks to extend his allotted fifteen minutes in a major-league suck up move to the group of conservatives whose names he dropped in yesterday’s AS blog piece…

Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, George Will, Phyllis Schlafly, Michael Reagan, Jed Babbin, Rich Lowry, Jonah Goldberg, Kathryn Lopez, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, Peggy Noonan, Ann Coulter, Bob Novak, Bob Dole, Laura Ingraham, David Limbaugh, Donald Lambro, Thomas Sowell, John Fund, the Wall Street Journal, Pete Wehner, David Frum, Deroy Murdock, Paul Mirengoff, John Hinderaker, Frank Gaffney,the Club for Growth, Dick Armey, and Pat Toomey.

Revealing the “purely tactical” considerations for supporting Fred Thompson in Carolina, Hillyer’s Stage One reasoning is comically ironic.

Let me see if I can help…..”Fred Thompson is the Complete Conservative…The only candidate who can unite the Reagan coalition.. … … Consistent on all the issues… … He can unite all three legs of the conservative coalition… … Fred D. Thompson is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life….”

Glug, glug. Now go play some solitaire.

From the mailroom

Nuke: “We’ve known each other for some time now, and frankly I just can’t understand your support for the huckster. He’s a RINO who, if nominated, will totally destroy the Republican party. Populism is not conservatism, and this is the candidate you expect to unite the party and face the DemocRats in November???!!!”

He went on to tell me that he couldn’t in good conscience link back to my blog anymore, and that anyone who was willing to abandon the principles of conservatism did not deserve a spot on his blogroll.

Dang. I hate this.

I really do.

Having told myself a few months ago that I refused to lose friendships because of Primary politics, I realize now that I was wrong. And, if it means that I’m going to be de-linked at other blogrolls, then, fine. So be it. It’s a free country. Do what you’ve gotta do.

Please understand that I have arrived at my own preference based on my own set of criteria, and my own personal judgment of the candidates. I realize that many of my well-meaning blog friends do not agree with me, and perhaps they don’t realize that their comments are both condescending as well as insulting.

Since linkage and blogrolls are important to you, please understand that I carry my reciprocated blogroll on all five of my blogs. If you want to de-link me, ok, I understand. But, it’s going to cost you five links in return.

The ball is in your court.



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FDT koolaid disorder: A Primer

*Fred D. Thompson Koolaid Disorder

*FDTkd is a dissonance disorder which afflicts massive numbers of supporters of Ol’ Fred’s Presidential candidacy. FDT koolaid is potent stuff. Stage One outbreak of symptoms have been observed within 30 minutes of consumption.

Although there is no known cure, intervention programs are showing some promise. Most observers believe that the disorder will run its course in 8-10 years. (For further study, see stolen elections, and Diebold).

Stage One; The Mantra

Fred Thompson is the Complete Conservative…The only candidate who can unite the Reagan coalition.. … … Consistent on all the issues… … He can unite all three legs of the conservative coalition… … Fred D. Thompson is the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life….

Stage Two; The Label

Anyone who does not worship at the altar of FDT is the enemy. He is a RINO, or worse, a Communist. 

Stage Three; The Attack

Since other Republicans are not “real” conservatives, it is imperative to treat them as political enemies rather than political opponents. Rhetorical arson is encouraged. 

Stage Four; The Ultimatum

If any candidate other than Fred D. Thompson wins the Republican nomination, it is your DUTY to either vote for the Democratic nominee and encourage other Republicans to do the same, or simply not vote at all.


Update: check out Joseph Farah.

Hawkeye Cauci GOP Presidential Poll

Welcome to The Hawkey Cauci Presidential Preference Poll. Posted over at the CB site Please vote for your favorite!

Comments are open. Track-backs welcome.

Fred campaign broke, dropping out?

Politico has an interesting piece on Fred Thompson’s campaign.  Staggering, broke, and about to drop out of the race?

When I got a generic fundraising e-mail “from” Fred Thompson campaign manager Bill Lacy last night offering “a quick update” on the effort to get “on the air statewide in Iowa,” I didn’t take it literally.

I should have.

Fred has gone dark in Iowa.

With not enough cash to buy ads, he’s doing all the free media he can on his bus tour.   But it’s a remarkable indicator of just how topsy-turvy the GOP race has been that the man once viewed as the party’s savior cannot even afford to buy TV time in the final days before Iowa.

Are Mormons “Christian?”

Sen. Fred Thompson’s campaign chair in South Carolina says, “NO!”

THE PALMETTO SCOOP: Gov. Romney is giving a very significant speech Thursday to try to reassure Republicans that his Mormon faith shouldn’t be a factor in his presidential bid. Do you think that a speech like this will help him or hurt him in South Carolina?

CYNDI MOSTELLER: As a person who’s been to seminary and studied somewhat the Mormon doctrine, I think that the more people scrutinize, look at and become aware of that doctrine, they will have more questions rather than less. I think particularly the Church’s history, and almost theology, on the issue of race – particularly the black race – will be a very difficult issue to defend and to move forward with; especially when we look at the theology of the Church and what the Church founders and prophets and presidents have said throughout the history of the Church until 1978 when they first allowed membership to anyone in the black race. […] There are some issues there and I don’t quite see how you resolve them and seek out and obtain anywhere near the same level of African American support that President Bush obtained both in 2000 and 2004.

TPS: Why do you think it is that Republicans, the previous issue aside, might be reluctant to support a Mormon president, such that Romney feels he needs to give a speech addressing just this issue?

MOSTELLER: I think the doctrines of Protestantism, Catholicism and Judaism are so vastly different from the Mormon doctrine; from the concept of polygamy being the order of Heaven, to human man’s progression to godhead of other worlds, to the idea that Jesus had multiple wives, to the idea that, after the death of the last apostle, all of Christendom was in apostasy – with a capital “A” as the Church refers to it – until Joseph Smith discovered the golden plates in the 1830s. So I think it’s inconsistent with so many basic Christian doctrines and it’s very unusual to the point that it’s almost unbelievable. These concepts are things that are theologically beyond our orthodox imagination.

TPS: But to many people, it seems that Mormonism is a part of the Christian faith. You’re arguing that assertion is incorrect?

MOSTELLER: Yes. I would say that the Southern Baptist Convention considers Mormonism not a part of the Christian faith – they’ve stated that on their Website – and most Evangelicals would not consider it part of the Christian faith. And the Mormon Church would consider us an apostasy, in all of Christian history, since the death of the last apostle. From their perspective, the Gospel that we preach on Sunday would be considered an apostasy to them. source

Ouch. That’s going to leave a mark.

The Fred Thompson campaign is already sensitive to charges of racism and bigotry on immigration. Now, Mosteller opens the door for anti-Mormon bigotry charges.

I wonder if how fast Fred Thompson will back away from Ms. Mosteller’s comments.


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