Art for art’s sake

The current governor of a major U.S. southern state, the campaign manager of a U.S. president, a senior West Coast congressman, a former mayor of New York City, and others are among those outed in Kirby Dick’s “Outrage.”

Charlie Crist, Ken Mehlman, David Dreier, and Ed Koch are supposedly “outed” in this rather indulgent piece of cinema.

I suppose the only real surprise in that group for me would be Dreier. And,FWIW, Brian Brooks’ review states only that Dreier was “rumored” to have had an improper relationship with his chief of staff, Brad Smith.

Not that it matters.  None of that shite matters. They’re all grown men.  They get to decide how to live their lives, and with whom.  Same as me, you, or anybody.  We’re all free to do pretty much anything we want to do, just so long as we’re willing to accept the consequences of our decisions.

In this case, Mr. Dick’s movie appears to me to be nothing more than a continuation of the 2006/08 scandal of the month political campaign waged by the left to demoralize and/or depress the Christian right.  It was a successful political strategy then, and will probably be effective against these men for no other reason than it is easier to scandalize than it is to govern.  Easier to demagogue than to engage in political debate.

But, it does make me wonder about the relentless push of the secularists to bring behavior that has long been considered deviant into the mainstream.  Not from the standpoint of tolerance, or even acceptance, but of embrace.  And those who do not embrace this new normal are mocked as bigots.

Strange times we live in.  Seems to me, a married, monogamous heterosexual is able to put sex in its proper perspective, and move on to more important things.  Not sex for sex’s sake.  And certainly not defining oneself by the act of sexual intercourse.

How shallow.  How sad.


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Hope and Change in the culture wars

The would-be First Lady of the 2004 election cycle was often the target of criticism for her off-the-cuff remarks on the campaign trail, and for her support of left wing advocacy groups. So much so, in fact, that The H.J. Heinz Co. sent out 50 letters to news organizations to “squash rumors circulating on the Internet and radio talk shows that it is involved with Mr. Kerry’s campaign.” [link]

In 2004, she changed her name from Teresa Heinz to Teresa Heinz Kerry during the campaign. After Kerry’s defeat, she changed her name back to Teresa Heinz, and has quietly faded back into affluent obscurity

The video below is currently being aired overseas. Is this agenda-driven advocacy or is it just clever marketing?

That it is not being run in the U.S. suggests the former. Of course, in this election cycle, I can’t imagine the DNC would knowingly allow the carefully manicured image of their candidate to be pulled into the culture wars with such a provocative commercial sponsored, at least indirectly, by the spouse of their former standard-bearer.

Despite the recent ruling by the California Supreme Court, and the resulting flood of homosexual marriages, the Religious Right has been largely silent in this election cycle. I suspect the Dems would just as soon leave a sleeping giant alone.

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