Thousands Rally in Connecticut for Gun-owners Rights

“A year and a day after Democratic Gov. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed legislation that banned the future purchase of assault rifles and high-capacity magazines, the Connecticut Citizens Defense League organized the rally to mark the day Malloy made “the Second Amendment a privilege and not a right.””      nhr

Observers said close to 5000 attended the Hartford rally which was attended by all three Republican gubernatorial candidates.  The Connecticut Citizens Defense League organized the event, and is working to repeal the law.

maddow, pj boy at rally

maddow, pj boy at rally

I heard about it over at Grouchy, and something interesting, was that it was live-streamed.  Excellent.  Now that may not seem like a big deal to the tech savvy, but for me, seeing the good guys embrace social media gives me a warm feeling inside.  We’ve been so behind the curve in this area.

Not all present were for gun-owners rights, however.  Noted TV journo-list Rachel Maddow and the star of the Obamacare ads, Pajama boy were observed at the rally.


TTAG has lots more photos and commentary, check it out.

It’s finally over

Charles Johnson rides into the sunsetThe end of the road, the last hurrah.

I read that Dan Rather’s lawsuit against CBS had been dismissed by an NY appellate court. And Gunga Dan’s lawyers to the contrary, it looks pretty effing final to me. It looks like the end of the trail for old Dan.

So, interveneing events notwithstanding, there’s one blog I simply have to look at, like it or not. You guessed it – AtS. And yup, there it is, posted at 12:22 PM PDT – the story, complete with the throbbing memo and all.

But what’s this ? In 4 hours 17 minutes there have been only 167 comments on what should be a record-setting celebratory thread, including only one by the Amphibian Queen himself, and it has nothing to do with the thread topic. [ed: after 9 hours, 172 comments.]

And what should have been a victory thread was only the top thread for a little over an hour before it was time for a thread slamming Rick Santorum as a creationist right-winger. And all the while, the blog is topped by yet another swipe at Malkin.

its finally overOkay, so there’s hardly anybody left that was there during Rathergate – Chaz has picked off almost all of them. But the fact of the matter is that Chaz himself isn’t really interested anymore. His single greatest achievement, the one that got him his 15 minutes, TV and radio appearances and allowed him to be a founder (flounder ?) of PJM and to think that he had a clue, and not even he really gives a sh*t.

Still wondering what the problem is, Chaz ?

by Mike C.

image credit:  Donald Douglas

No linky love for you Chaz!

Building a Home Distillation Apparatus

I ran across an interesting link recently, and wanted to post it here (for educational purposes only).

It is copyrighted information, but it is free as long as the following disclosures are presented:

Building a Home Distillation Apparatus.
Copyright (C) January, 1999 Small Still Engineering, LLC
This document is free; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
terms of the License Agreement contained in Appendix 1.
This document is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of

Now that the lawyers are happy, here is your very own DIY Still, for your downloading pleasure.


This is The World Famous Friday Open Thread: A free speech zone. Track backs are welcome.

WFFOT: The Great GCP Diaspora continues. Nano is still holding out the welcome sign, but might be having concerns about the cigarette burns in the couch.  Uhh, y’all might want to wait till you get to your new digs before you build the still.  Heh,  never a dull moment!

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Welcome ex-GCP’ers

Update: Here is a link to Conservative Talk. Nano has graciously loaned the guest room to GCP.


hatmanI’m as surprised as anyone at the recent demise of Gulf Coast Pundit.

Saddened, too. GCP was my “blog-daddy,” inspiring me to try my own hand at blogging three years ago. I’ll miss dropping by to scan the topics and comments, and occasionally making a comment of my own. But, as with any blog, it’s not the website address that makes a place special — it’s the people who come by and share their experiences that make all the difference.

Having said that, please know that you folks are more than welcome here.

The format here is a lot like the old GCP blog before they went to the “forum” style.

Comments are open and unmoderated, and registration is not required. One word of caution, the spam filter is sensitive. If you post a comment with more than a couple of hyperlinks, there’s a good chance it will get caught in the filter. So, post accordingly.

Also, since most of you are accustomed to starting your own threads, if you think you might like to have an author’s account so you can post on the front page, just shoot me an email. My addy is in the lower left sidebar.

Thanks for coming by.


Farewell GCP

Update: Here is a link to Conservative Talk. Nano has graciously loaned the guest room to GCP.

It seems like a long time ago.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, a group of folks began to assemble at a new website: Gulf Coast Pundit. We did so at the request of the owner of the blog which will not be named, who specifically requested that we take our discussions off his website.

gcpforum.gifThe infamous Katrina Relief Fund, and the equally infamous Steve, aka “Bayou King”, aka a half-dozen other sockpuppets, dominated the early discussions.

Several months later, the owner of the previously mentioned blog began the modern era of bannings. I call this the modern era, because I wasn’t around during the Discarded Lies wars, and, because it was the GCP purge that began the most recent round of bannings, giving rise to the moniker “Banned of Brothers.”

My, how time flies.

Robert D posted a comment on the totus thread which told the news: “Looks like GCP is a goner.” At the website link was the following comment:

“We wish you all a happy and fruitful life. Gulfcoastpundit is now closed.”


Linked by:  Rose @ The Coffee Shop, Nodrog@ Discarded Lies


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