Indian forces on war alert

Indian air and naval forces have been put on ‘high alert”.

Josey Joseph reports

While Indian Air Force (IAF) fighters have been mounted with bombs and kept in a state of readiness to take off within minutes, almost the entire western naval fleet is aggressively patrolling the Arabian Sea.

The military was moved into this state of heightened alert within 24 hours of the terror attack on Mumbai, which began on November 26. When it became clear that the terrorists were Pakistanis, the government ordered the mobilisation.

DNA is reporting that there is presently no massive troop mobilization on the border.


Update:  35 more have died

“We really don’t know what exactly it is; we are depending on the finding of a team of specialists from New Delhi.”

R.C. Agarwal, chief medical officer, Uttar Pradesh, India. source

“It” is a deadly virus that has in two weeks spread to 350 villages in northern India. So far, the mystery virus has taken 160 lives. Specialists from New Delhi’s Infectious Disease and Surveillance Program have collected the blood samples of a few patients, and will release its findings in a few days.

But now, a panic-induced exodus from the affected villages have left schools closed, and basic services at a standstill. Thousands are bed-ridden, with an average of 15 to 20 deaths per day.

Kanpur, on the Ganges River, is the closest major city. Some 4.1 million people in the immediate area could be affected.


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