John Kerry: Epic Fail

John Kerry is a complete and utter failure as the Secretary of State. It isn’t even close. This is a man who makes Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State look competent. He is the perfect Secretary of State for Barack Obama, arguably the worst president in the history of the Republic.

kerry on a bike2A classic example is currently underway in the nuclear talks with the mullahs in Iran. Kerry’s wicked smart negotiating team is described as negotiating from a position of weakness, and routinely “plea” with Iran in their talks, and that Iran’s leading negotiator “frequently shouts” at U.S. officials. link

And now, according to a survey of professors at the top 25 foreign policy schools conducted by Foreign Policy Magazine, Kerry is the absolute worst Secretary of State in history. source

Is anyone really surprised?

3474 Days Ago Today

On Meet the Press, 1/30/05, Senator John F. Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) promised to sign his Standard Form 180. It was my understanding that he also promised to make those records public. I still haven’t seen them, have you? Although Kerry claims to have signed his Form 180, and given his permission for the records to be released, the whereabouts and the contents remain an enigma.

In the ensuing three thousand four hundred seventy four days, Senator Kerry has managed to keep a smile on the faces of many conservatives, most any time he opens his mouth. NRO’s Eliana Johnson shared this photo, proving that Kerry doesn’t even have to speak in order to be a laugh-riot!
kerry on a bike


Good ol’ John Freaking Kerry.  Always good for a laugh.

What’s past is prologue

So, what does John F. Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) have in common with the current crop of winter soldiers? From Obiter Dictum

In May 2006 an IVAW member named Jesse MacBeth appeared in a video widely circulated on the Internet. MacBeth claimed to have been a Ranger in Iraq who had committed horrific atrocities with his unit, including the execution of hundreds of men, women and children. However, MacBeth was exposed as a fraud who had been dismissed from the Army before completing Basic Training. Source: Seattle Times

In 2005, IVAW co-founder Jimmy Massy, a Marine veteran of Iraq, was found to have fabricated stories published in the Modesto Bee, the Sacramento Bee and the Associated Press. Ron Harris of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and four other embedded reports and other Marines in Massey’s unit refuted the claims. The news organizations published retractions. Sources: Jewish World Review / Michelle Malkin

In an interview in March 2005, IVAW leader Camilo Mejia was asked if he had ever abused or tortured detainees in Iraq and replied in the negative. During his court martial for desertion Mejia again made no claims to have done or been ordered to do so, which claim if made might have strengthened his defense. However, in an interview the next August with Dahr Jamail, author of “Beyond the Green Zone”, Mejia’s story changed to “I tortured guys.” Sources: PBS / Dahr Jamail’s Mideast Dispatches / Point of Clarity News
In the same interview with Dahr Jamail in Aug 2005, Jamail wrote of what several IVAW members were telling him “I type furiously for three hours, trying to keep up with the stories each of the men shared….about the atrocities of what they saw, and committed, while in Iraq.” IVAW member Harvey Tharp was quoted by Jamail saying “Most of what we’re talking about is war crimes…war crimes because they are directed by our government for power projection.”Mideast Dispatches / Yemen Times

However, in an interview with the Yemen Times published on Feb 25, 2008, Tharp admitted to never having witnessed an atrocity in Iraq. Sources: Dahr Jamail’s

Grab the Popcorn as you watch John Kerry try to run away from his past.

Jason Mattera’s video interview of Kerry needs to go viral, doncha know. Cha-ching!

h/t Michelle Malkin


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