Pelosi slips into c.o.m.a.

lipstickonapigWordsmiths in Washington, D.C. have been doing their best to hide the true nature of their massive new healthcare  entitlement program.

The latest obfuscation involves changing the name of the unpopular “public option” to something less objectionable.

In an appearance at a Florida senior center, the Democratic leader referred to the so-called public option as “the consumer option.”

Consumer Option My Ass.

Pelosi tries to change name of public option,

The Old Public Option Bait and Switch,

Harrycare buckles to government option

Leiberman vows to filibuster Reed’s ObamaCare bill,

The “opt-out” mirage,

Frosting on a turd,

Rebranding a Lie

Pelosi: Liar or incompetent

Nancy Pelosi’s nationally televised press conference/meltdown this morning raised more questions than it answered.

In our discussion that followed in the previous thread, Swampie asked an important question:

Is Nancy Pelosi lying about the CIA briefings on enhanced interrogation techniques, or is she so dim that she really didn’t understand what was being said in the briefings. I suppose there is a third alternative, that she could be telling the truth. Frankly, I can’t imagine that anyone who watched her performance would come to that conclusion.

So, let’s put it to our readers. What do y’all think?

Nancy Pelosi caught in waterboarding lie

I suppose she thought if she denied it long enough, it would go away. But, it’s coming back with a vengence.

Nancy Pelosi has known all along about enhanced interrogation techniques.

In fact, she knew from the beginning.

At Human Events, Jed Babbin provides the smoking gun.

“Briefing on EITs including use of EITs on Abu Zubaydah, background on authorities, and a description of the particular EITs that had been employed.”

Read for yourself.  Here is  the briefing memo.

Ms. Pelosi has broken her pledge to the American people to run an honest Congress.  Recall her interview with NBC’s Brian Williams on the day after the Democrats won control of the Congress in 2006.

Williams: Leader, what does “drain the swamp” mean?

Pelosi: “Drain the swamp” means to turn this Congress into the most honest and open Congress in history. That’s my pledge — that is what I intend to do.”

As the number 3 person in the line of Presidential Succession, Pelosi has lost all credibility with the American People, and squandered good will for partisan gamesmanship.

What did the Speaker know and when did she know it?

Ms. Pelosi has been unwilling to provide a truthful response to these most basic and critical questions.  It is my opinion that she should immediately resign her office.

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Five Hundred Meeeelyun Unemployed Americans

500 hundred million Americans will lose their jobs if the stimulus package doesn’t pass, or so claims Nancy Pelosi. I think she must be using Million Man Math

TP says the 500 million comment proves that Speaker Pelosi is as dumb as a bag of hammers. I think he probably has offended bags of hammers all over America. So, in a non-partisan, non-offensive kind of way, we present these 127 different metaphors for the Speaker’s IQ.

12 shy of a dozen
A bad spot on the disk.
A couple of open splices.
A few beers short of a six-pack.
A few bricks shy of a load.
A few cans short of a six pack.
A loose chip on the micro processor.
A quart low.
About as sharp as a bowl of jello.
About as sharp as a bowling ball.
About as sharp as a sack of wet leather.
About fifteen cents short.
About three cents short of a dollar.
All booster – no payload.
All crown – no filling.
All the lights don’t shine in his marquis
As thick as two short planks.
Attic’s a little dusty.
Back burners not fully operating.
Been playing with his wand too much.
Body by Fisher – brains by Mattel
CPU not connected to the bus.
Car’s only got three wheels, and one’s going flat.
Doesn’t have all his dogs barking.
Doesn’t have all of his groceries in the same bag.
Doesn’t have all the dots on his dice.
Doesn’t have both oars in the water.
Doesn’t know if his biscuits are all done.
Doesn’t know which side of the toast the butter is on.
Doesn’t have enough sandwiches for a picnic.
Driving with two wheels in the sand.
Echoes between the ears.
Elevator doesn’t go to the top floor.
Got a few tiles missing from his Space Shuttle.
Got one boot stuck in the sand.
Got the mental agility of a soap dish.
Had a head crash.
Half a bubble off plumb.
Has a mind like a sieve
Has a room temperature IQ.
Hasn’t got all his china in the cupboard.
He ain’t wrapped too tight.
He has both oars on the same side of the boat!
He has signs on both ears saying Space for Rent
He is playing hockey with a warped puck
He isn’t playing with a full deck.
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Meet the new boss

It seems so long ago, that Nancy Pelosi promised the most ethical Congress ever.

After a year and a half of ethical leadership, how is the Dem congress shaping up? More of the same…

a $170 million earmark for the salmon industry, quietly tucked into the mammoth bill at the last minute by Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA). I don’t know much about the salmon industry. Perhaps Pelosi and Thompson can explain why it was necessary to earmark $170 million of the taxpayers’ money with no public scrutiny or debate. The earmark wasn’t in the House-passed Farm Bill or the Senate version; it was simply “air-dropped” into the final bill in secret. source

Drain that swamp, baybee.


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