It’s deja vu all over again!

All right, Vimto.  What are you up to this time?

My internal stat count is telling me that a large number of readers from the UK have made their way to our little outpost in the blogpatch, and many of them are coming here after searching the word string, “zot media inc nuke”.

So, by including the aforementioned word string, “zot media inc nuke,” I am theoretically increasing the chances for those British readers to find our blog.

But, the question remains …  What the heck are you up to, Vimto?

From Wales is the venerable vimto, secret agent in Her Majesty’s service, who doubles as a mild mannered political cartoonist. Wherever danger is lurking you can be sure – vimto is there!

The last time this happened, Vimto’s article on Christian blogs from Somalia being abandoned, had been picked up by the Big Blogs because of a supposed terror reference from a commenter who had been linked to a ricin scare in Denver.  I haven’t heard anything about that case in a long time, so I imagine this is a new case.  But, frankly I haven’t a clue.
Vimto, if you can shed any light on this for us, we would appreciate it.

And, in the spirit of bring back oldies but goldies, welcome to the World Famous Friday Open Thread!

WFFOT:  Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back.  Coupons accepted.

Las Vegas Ricin case: man wakes from coma

LAS VEGASThe central figure in a hotel ricin scare last month has emerged from a coma, FBI agents said Friday.Investigators found a vial of powdered ricin in Roger Von Bergendorff’s room at the Extended Stay America in February, along with some castor beans.

His friends were called in to remove his belongings after Von Bergendorff did not pay the bill and discovered the poison in a plastic bag.They then turned it over to hotel representatives, who contacted the FBI.  Agents then did a complete search of the hotel as well as two other rooms connected with Von Bergendorff and his home in Utah. While some guns were discovered, officials did not find any other evidence of the poison at the locations.

Ok Roger.  You got some’splain’ to do.

Previously:  Ricin, anarchist book, and firearms in Vegas motel.


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