Obama’s national security address

In what has been described by the news media as a “major speech” on National Security, President Obama began by getting the name of his own Secretary of Defense wrong, calling him “Wiliam” Gates. Oops

But, then, the teleprompter came on, and the president was back on message.

Using his amazing powers of hindsight, President Obama decided that the national security policy of “the last eight years” was based on fear mongering, and not on foresight.

But, I’ll leave it to others to dissect his speech.

After listening to President Bush give many national security speeches at military bases, it was unusual, and a little unsettling to listen to Preznit Obama’s version of a national security address: a highly politicized address in front of a cheerleading crowd. It sounded at times like an ACORN rally. I half-expected the drones to break into a “yes we can” chant.

I’ll also say this. If anyone was expecting Obama to begin taking responsibility for his administration, they must be disappointed. I lost count of the number of times that Obama referred to “the last eight years,” and I’ll have to wait for the transcript to get a count. But, make no mistake, Obama blamed Bush for everything but the actual 9/11 attacks, although I’m confident that many in the audience not only believed that 9/11 was an inside job, they also continue to believe that George W. Bush is the devil incarnate.

In November of 2008, the American people elected a new president. We didn’t elect a savior.

Come down off your cross, Mr. Obama. This messiah act has worn very, very thin.

Meet the US Army’s newest 4-star

“A Dunwoody has fought in every American war since the Revolution,” said army chief of staff Gen George Casey.

And now, a “brass ceiling” has been shattered, with the promotion of General Ann Dunwoody as the Army’s first woman to achieve the rank of 4-star General.

Defence Secretary Robert Gates said: “History will no doubt take note of [Dunwoody’s] achievement in breaking through this final ‘brass ceiling’ to pin on this fourth star.”

“But she would rather be known and remembered first and foremost as a US army soldier.” link

Congratualtions General Dunwoody.


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