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It’s raining here in my neck of the woods, so no work today. Lets see what’s going on around the rest of the blogosphere.

Of course the Precedent is bowing to foreign leaders AGAIN! BHO Bows To Communist Chinese President.

Robert Gibbs being groomed for Axelrod’s, job? Failing Upward. He stutters like his boss without a teleprompter, can you imagine them trying to get something done in an emergency?

SEIU’s Andy Stern Moving up too? Purple People upheaval: What’s behind SEIU thug-in-chief Andy Stern’s resignation? He’s been to the White House more times than most of the cabinet.

Don’t need no Teleprompter Jesus Go watch the video, it speaks volumes.

What union leaders think of you. If you’re white, you’re “f**king rabidly racist.”

FBI to release the Kennedy (Ted) files. Maybe we will finally find out the real story about Mary Jo Kopechne’s murder.

The REAL party of no. With the Democrats on the defensive and getting beaten up in the polls by their constituents, they are doing what any vicious scared animal does when cornered: lash out

Political Correctness Takes a Life.

Obama can’t be bothered to read the healthcare bill

from today’s WH briefing …

Q At some point in the legislative process will the President read the entire health care bill?

MR. GIBBS: I assume the President will study the details of the proposal, and will be — he’s a highly informed individual.

Q But he won’t take time to read it front to back —

MR. GIBBS: I don’t know what his vacation plans are currently. Will you read the health care bill cover to cover?

Q Yes.

MR. GIBBS: Excellent. Well, great. I’m right up the hall to the left.



Our “highly informed” president won’t even take the time to read the bill.

What are the chances that we can have at least 72 hours to review the damn thing before it is voted on?

These clowns must go.

In the meantime, go to ReadTheBill.org and show your support for H. Res. 554 which would mandate that Congress post legislation for  72 hours prior to voting on it.

Sotomayor is toast

Update:  Foxnews — the wise latina remarks are “far from isolated’

Breaking over at Greg Sargent’s blog …

Sotomayor Made Same “Wise Woman” Speech In 1990s — And No One Objected

I’ve just obtained a speech that Sonia Sotomayor gave in 1994, in which she made a comment virtually identical to the “wise Latina” one from 2001 that has generated so much controversy.

And though the 1994 speech was disclosed to Republican Senators as part of her confirmation for Court of Appeals in 1998, there’s no sign that anyone objected to it in any way.

Greg believes that the existence of this previously disclosed speech suggests “that the comments are not as controversial as her critics claim.”

As much as I would have rather seen this information come out during direct questioning in the confirmation hearings, I have to disagree with Sargent’s assertion.

First, the disclosure was made prior to her confirmation hearings in 1998 for the Court of Appeals, not for a spot on the Club of Nine. Big difference.

But more importantly, this revelation absolutely smashes and destroys the “she misspoke” defense offered up by President Obama, WH Spokesman Robert Gibbs, and NBC reporter Brian Williams.

The Sotomayor nomination has just crashed and burned.

h/t Free Republic

Read more at Hot Air, and The Provocateur

linked (thanks): Don’t Bury Sotomayer. | Little Miss Attila

Robert Gibbs is a busy guy

President Obama has decided to back off from a trade war for now. Turns out he isn’t quite ready to begin a Trans-Pacific trade war with the Chinese after all.

U. .S. Treasury Secretary-designate Timothy Geithner was not making a formal finding last week when he told senators China was manipulating its currency, a White House official said on Monday.

“Mr.Geithner was restating what the president had said during the campaign, not making any determinations,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told reporters. source

See? It was just something Obama said, not what he really meant. Or something like that. Kind of like the “No Lobbyists” rule. Yesterday it was William Lynn, and today it was William Corr.

“Even the toughest rules require reasonable exceptions,” White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told The Associated Press. “Our waiver provisions are designed to allow uniquely qualified individuals like Bill Corr and Bill Lynn to serve the public interest in these critical times.” source

Well, naturally.

Critical times indeed. So critical, that the the Pelosi House has included a wad of money to fund contraception and family planning in the critical economic stimulus package. Because, as we know, elections have consequences, as Obama reminded us yesterday in his “I Won” comment (later explained away by Robert Gibbs as not to be a “cowboy moment”).

Thanks for clearing that up for us Robert.

Update: It looks like Pelosi’s contraceptive stimulus won’t make the final cut after all. Obama appears to be backing off, but Robert Gibbs has been so busy, he sent out the B-team.

“The principles of what he thought should be in the package–that wasn’t part of that,” White House Deputy Press Secretary Bill Burton told CNSNews.com. “They’re working on what the final bill should look like.” source


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