Another week in the can

What can I say about the first full week of October 2008? Interesting? Memorable? Historic? Unsettling?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

On the blog front, we’ve even had another of those Red Letter Days in Nukedom. And, although it can’t really compare with having a pickle named after us by The Speed Shop Deli (in the Free State of Jefferson, natch), being called a “Religious Right Wingnut” by the dailyKos is certainly a badge of honor, and one not soon forgotten.

On to more interesting moments, and a true study in contrasts: First, a post from Chris Buckley offering his endorsement of “The One.” This is a disappointment, but frankly, only because of his last name.

So Chris…You don’t like the ticket, fine. I understand. There is nothing at all wrong with observing the time honored Southern tradition of going fishing on Election Day. Instead, you have decided to make it all about you, thus prodding those of us who respect your family name to question not your sincerity, but your motives.

Next, a truly inspiring article from blogger who describes seeing Sarah Palin in person. Here is an excerpt, but you really need to read it all.

As we were all starting to get a little anxious waiting for Sarah to appear, a speaker came on stage to let us know that when Sarah did finally arrive it would be something special, that she would be making a grand entrance.


Suddenly the video screens showed the Straight Talk Express turning into the complex. The crowd went wild. And then something happened that totally blew me away. The bus actually drove into the Roberts Centre and suddenly with dry ice clouds and a great light show Sarah stepped out of the bus and onto the stage. It was better than any rock show I have ever attended.

As the economic de-leveraging and electoral madness approach a twin crescendo of epic proportions, I leave you with these words of encouragement:

Have Faith, my friends.

Official State Pickle of The Free State of Jefferson

Michelle Locke. Your secret is out.

You read our blog. C’mon now, give. Here we are, minding our own bidness, having a little pickle naming contest, and deciding to admit Bend, Oregon into the Free State of Jefferson, and along comes AP doing a story on the Free State of Jefferson.

A coincidence? I think not. Heh.

Well, even if Michelle doesn’t read our blog, her story on the Free State of Jefferson is pretty cool. Here is an excerpt:

The idea of forming a separate state out of the counties in far Northern California and southern Oregon has come up several times in the past.

“It’s really a very, very old historical tradition in America that people sort of removed from the center of power resent the center of power,” said Jay Mullen, professor of history at Southern Oregon University.

The 1941 movement got started when Gilbert Gable, mayor of Port Orford, Ore., announced that a number of Oregon counties should join with California neighbors to form a new state. His idea was to draw attention to the region’s rotten roads.

The idea caught fire, especially in Siskiyou County, and Yreka became the nascent state’s temporary capital.

stateofjefferson.jpg Jefferson’s attempt to secede got national attention. San Francisco Chronicle reporter Stanton Delaplane won the Pulitzer Prize in 1942 for his articles about the rebellious movement.

But with the Dec. 7, 1941, attack on Pearl Harbor, the movement was shelved.

Today, the brief chapter is memorialized on a Web site,, and a barn south of Yreka painted with the name “State of Jefferson.” It’s also recalled in the name of Jefferson Public Radio, based in Ashland, Ore. License plate holders reading “resident of the State of Jefferson” are a popular item.

Nice piece, Michelle. Next time you’re in Jefferson, give our bud Robert D. a shout. And if you make it up to Bend, be sure to drop by Keith’s, and check out the “Nuke Gingrich.”

We might even make you an honorary Southerner.


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