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Check this out from Popular Science

We’ve partnered with Google to offer our entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements. It’s an amazing resource that beautifully encapsulates our ongoing fascination with the future, and science and technology’s incredible potential to improve our lives. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

In the future, we’ll be adding more advanced features for searching and browsing, but for now, enter any keyword into the box below and dive in.

Happy reading. And have a great weekend, y’all.

Web 3.0 is closer than you think, Part 2

Embrace the change.

Resistance. Is. Futile.

I’m still waiting on my flying car.

Web 3.0 is closer than you think

After Google, what’s next? Writing at Times (UK), Jonathan Richards talks to the “real” inventor of the world wide web (sorry Goracle), Tim Berners-Lee, and speculates on the future of the internet. A fascinating article indeed. Here is an excerpt:

The semantic web is the term used by the computer and internet industry to describe the next phase of the web’s development, and essentially involves building web-based connectivity into any piece of data — not just a web page — so that it can “communicate” with other information.Whereas the existing web is a collection of pages with links between them that Google and other search engines help the user to navigate, the “semantic web” will enable direct connectivity between much more low-level pieces of information — a written street address and a map, for instance — which in turn will give rise to new services.

“Using the semantic web, you can build applications that are much more powerful than anything on the regular web,” Mr Berners-Lee said. “Imagine if two completely separate things — your bank statements and your calendar — spoke the same language and could share information with one another. You could drag one on top of the other and a whole bunch of dots would appear showing you when you spent your money.

Read it all



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Attn Bloggers: Check Out BlogBackupOnline

Last summer’s best new blog service is shedding it’s Beta label.

If you have a blog and you aren’t sure that your blog provider will always have a backup in case of a crash, head over to BlogBackupOnline pronto. The site is straightforward: Log in, enter information about your blog, and the site diligently backs it up every day (provided that you use one of the 11 supported blogging services–Blogger, Friendster, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Multiply, Serendipity, Terapad, TypePad, Vox, Windows Live Space, or WordPress).

The site is also a great tool if you ever decide to move your blog from one platform to another. After you’ve backed up your blog, BlogBackupOnline can bring all of your old entries into the new service.

I got an email today from Head Honcho Aaron Newman who sent along some interesting news: BlogBackupOnline is moving out of BETA!

BBO “Basic” will continue to be a FREE service, and will include will include up to 5 MB of storage.

Additionally, Aaron says that BBO will begin offering premium services tailored for larger users (for a small fee).

I’ve been using BBO since last June, and they have saved my bacon – TWICE. Speaking as someone who lost 6 weeks of archives (before I found BlogBackupOnline), I just can’t say enough good stuff about BBO. It’s user-friendly, automatic, and as I mentioned previously, it’s FREE.

If you have a blog, you really owe it to yourselves to check it out.


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OBL Email Virus: Warning!

n2l sends this email virus warning:

INFORM EVERYONE Emails with pictures of Osama Bin-Laden hanged are being sent and the moment that you open these emails your computer will crash and you will not be able to fix it! If you get an email along the lines of ‘Osama Bin Laden Captured’ or ‘Osama Hanged’ don’t open the attachment. This e-mail is being distributed through countries around the globe, but mainly in the US and Israel .. Be considerate & send this warning to whomever you know. PLEASE FORWARD THIS WARNING AMONG FRIENDS, FAMILY AND CONTACTS: You should be alert during the next days: Do not open any message with an attached file called ‘Invitation’ regardless of who sent it. It is a virus that opens an Olympic Torch which ‘burns’ the whole hard disc C of your computer. This virus will be received from someone who has your e-mail address in his/her contact list, that is why you should send this e-mail to all your contacts. It is better to receive this message 25 times than to receive the virus and open it. If you receive a mail called ‘invitation’, though sent by a friend, do not open it and shut down your computer immediately. This is the worst virus announced by CNN, it has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive virus ever. This virus was discovered by McAfee, and there is no repair yet for this kind of virus. This virus simply destroys the Track Zero of the Hard Disc, where the vital information is kept.

Sunday cool site

I’ve been trying to figure out the internet video thingy for a couple of years now.  Every time I think I have it figured out, I will realize that it’s going to take too much time and money to do what I want to do.

And, frankly, that’s part of the problem, I really don’t know what I want to do with video, except that it makes an individual blog a more powerful medium than words and pictures alone.  That was one of the reasons that I was willing to migrate away from WordPress to Conservablogs and more recently to Red Nation.  WordPress has severe video limitations which the other sites don’t have.

Here is a cool site that I ran across recently when surfing around for video resources.

It’s called KeepVid.

The idea behind KeepVid is to actually be able to download videos from other websites, rather than just save the embed from another hosted site.  With KeepVid, you can keep the video in your library, independent of any web-hosting service.  Cool, huh.

Plus, for a mere 40 Bucks, you can download software that will allow you to record virtually any video livestream and convert it to a format that will allow you to post it, email it, or do whatever you want.  The software is called Replay , and it’s not only inexpensive, it looks to be pretty flexible as well.  I haven’t bought it yet, but I have it bookmarked for future use, when I figure out what I want to do with it.

Bloggers 4 Huckabee

Recently over at the Huckabee Forum, someone asked an excellent question regarding negative media attacks aimed at the Huckabee campaign…

How do we counter that?

How, indeed?

The attacks from the Right have come from A-list blogs, as well as well-funded interest groups, and media outlets and pundits generally sympathetic to conservative causes. These first-generation centers of influence in the Right Blogosphere, along with talk radio, have comprised the lion’s share of opinion-molding and issue-framing of conservatism ever since Rush Limbaugh and the EIB Network changed the way America thought and spoke about Conservatism. The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 had a similar effect on the growth of A-list blogs, notably on the Right, Free Republic, Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin, Instapundit, Powerline, Captain’s Quarters, and Hot Air.

How do we counter that? If it is possible, and I believe it is, we need to find a way to change the playing field.

I’m not saying anything that hasn’t already occurred to the netroots of the political Left. They are years ahead of us in this arena, and quite frankly, anything we do isn’t going to have much effect on them at all. The only one on the Right that even comes close to competing with them is the Libertarian candidate. His grassroots success, for which the candidate himself claims no personal credit, is positively netroot-ish in its attitude, passion, and ability to manipulate second-generation tools and strategies.

The Huck campaign is doing some of this already. Raising 5 million dollars on line is nothing to sneeze at. Plus, the grassroots forum is another step in the right direction. In fact, I saw an article praising the Huck campaign’s use of the internet over at, comparing the campaign to Dean ’03. High praise, indeed. But, to counter the influence of the attacks from the Right, we need to use a few more tools, and make a concerted effort to influence the news cycle.

Try this: Take a quick look at and see the news of the day from social networking 2.0 perspective. It’s almost a chicken-egg type situation: does web 2.0 drive reporting of the top news stories of the day, or do the news stories of the day drive the social networking sites? The news cycle is a daily occurrence, even on “slow news” days. On those days, headlines from social networking sites may be 3 of the top 5 stories of the day, as reported by the main stream media. A-list bloggers and talk radio can drive 1 or 2 stories, but unless there is a breaking current events story, the left controls 60-80% of the news cycle by default.

Responses to campaign slurs and negative articles can achieve widespread visibility by a significant increase in friendly blogger “authority.” Authority is generally measured by incoming links to other blogs and overall traffic. Ranking services such as Technorati, TTLB, and Alexa use linkage and traffic to rank websites. Stories and web searches are often ranked by authority, with search engines providing access to the higher authority blog as the default choice. Another criterion for blog ranking is the number of RSS subscriptions from services like Bloglines. Blogs which consistently have the highest number of links, traffic, and subscribers are considered generally credible sources, and are often quoted by other providers of original content. A response linked by a large number of blogs goes to the top of the list of stories at, and combined with a significant number of votes at, has an opportunity to greatly influence coverage.

There are currently close to 800 bloggers on the Bloggers for Huckabee blogroll, many who are registered users in the grassroots forum, growing daily. Linkage to the rest of the grassroots would very quickly put friendly blogsites in the top percentiles of each of the ranking services. Authority assures that responses to negative reports are circulated and heard. Strategic linking of favorable articles and posts will give specific articles of interest an opportunity to rise to the top of the 2.0 sites, as users are constantly scouring news sites for popular articles.

There are enough motivated grassroots users to have a significant impact on targeting articles of interest for circulation.

Click this link to add the Bloggers for Huckabee blogroll to your website.

See also: When will the Right recognize the cost of conceding web 2.0?

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Warning of webmail wi-fi hijack

“The potential for attack is pretty severe.”

Heard at the Vegas Black Hat conference

Demonstrated at the Black Hat hacker conference in Las Vegas, the tools make it far easier to steal account details, said Robert Graham of Errata Security.

Identifying files called cookies are stolen in the attack which let hackers pose as their victim.

This gives attackers access to mail mesages or the page someone maintains on sites such as MySpace or Facebook

Prior to the demonstration, which involved the live hijacking of a Google mail account (GMail), many sites were thought to be safe because they encrypted the data swapped back and forth when people login.

However, Mr Graham carried out his attack on the unencrypted cookies, tiny text files, many sites use to identify people that regularly return.

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Live TV toolbar, how cool is this?

260px-lucyfootball.jpgI stumbled across this website from a link at popurls, which is a pretty cool site itself, btw.

It’s called “live tv toolbar”, and it advertises some 1750 free televeision stations, 1500 radio stations, and several other useful links and gadgets. Plus, it’s compatible with Firefox and MS IE7.

Now, I prefer viewing my TV from the lazy-boy, and I don’t see this as a replacement by any means. But, video-heads are going to love this, as well as those of us who might want to see a local perspective on breaking world events. Of course, that means you’re going to have to brush up on the language skills, at least until the universal translator browser is developed.

The download is free.

Check it out!

Bloggers: check out BlogBackupOnline

From PCWorld via Yahoo...

If you have a blog and you aren’t sure that your blog provider will always have a backup in case of a crash, head over to BlogBackupOnline pronto. The site is straightforward: Log in, enter information about your blog, and the site diligently backs it up every day (provided that you use one of the 11 supported blogging services–Blogger, Friendster, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Multiply, Serendipity, Terapad, TypePad, Vox, Windows Live Space, or WordPress). The site is also a great tool if you ever decide to move your blog from one platform to another. After you’ve backed up your blog, BlogBackupOnline can bring all of your old entries into the new service

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Did you get this email?

I did, too. — You Have Recieved A Hallmark E-card

Something about it was suspicious. Probably it was the mis-spelling of “received” that tipped me off. I before e except after c, and all.

I deleted it, along with several dozen others that managed to slip by the spam filter.

Tim Fehlman did some investigating. The results are found in his post at DCoT: “Anatomy of a Virus.”

This file gave all of the users under the [users] section elevated privileges on the system. It also automatically connected to several different servers and joined some channels.

While I was not able to completely determine what this would have done due to time constraints, I firmly believe that this would have given certain people the ability to remotely execute some commands on my machine.

Great work. Thanks, Tim.

Gingrich the father of Anna Nicole’s Baby? — Fox News Alert

Update #4: “I told you so!”

NASSAU, Bahamas (AP) – Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, according to DNA tests, and the late reality TV star’s former boyfriend emerged from a court hearing Tuesday to proclaim that his daughter would soon be home.

Update #3: “The nude photospread at the link on the first Update will prove without a doubt the fact that I am speaking truth to power.” Blogger Nuke Gingrich’s latest comments come amid charges that his “denial” of being Anna Nicole’s Baby-daddy is in fact a cynical attempt to drive up traffic at his award-winning website. “That’s just ridiculous. There is no evidence to support those charges. I cannot imagine anyone using poor Anna Nicole like that. This photospread is proof positive that I am not the father of Danielynn. Do you see me in any of those photos? I rest my case”

Update #2: “Just give me what I want, and I’ll go away.” Right Wing Blogger Nuke Gingrich has reportedly changed his mind….”I want the house in the Bahamas.”

Update: Planck’s constant has a flicker photospread of anna nicole (sans clothing) in his sidebar. [Welcome WordPress Blog of the day — thank you readers. ]


Conservative blogger Nuke Gingrich came forward today and announced that he is not the father of Anna Nicole’s baby, Danielynn Hope.

“There is absolutely no truth to the rumor”, Nuke said, “And I have no idea how the rumor started. As a matter of fact, I didn’t even know it was a rumor.”

annanic.jpgAs the looming custody battle heated up, “ Smith’s mother flew to the Bahamas on Saturday to check on the child, but the big question — the identity of the baby’s father — will be decided in a courtroom.” Source

384433538_64963497cc1.jpgNukegingrich, known for his insightful news and comment, and his dry sense of humor, wondered aloud how such a rumor could get started. “Well, after n2l got two straight Top 50 Blog of the day posts, I guess I uhmm, somebody figured they had better do something to attract the search engine bots, this being such a hot story and the cable news networks are all Nicole all the time.”

Thinking about excercise is good for you? Works for me!

Is Google having Regulator problems?

Last time the Feds went after the Internet bell cow was March 2000, when Janet Reno went after Microsoft and popped the tech bubble.

It also marked the beginning of the worst bear market of the last 40 years.

Is this deja vu all over again?

from C-net

google.jpgGoogle and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission have been in dispute since March 2006 over “various issues,” including the way in which it accounts for income tax, the search giant has revealed.

According to Google’s annual 10-K report for 2006, filed with the SEC on Thursday, the issue remains unresolved. (See paragraph 32, “Unresolved Staff Findings,” in the Google document.)

The SEC has expressed concerns about “various issues with respect to our public filings, including our provision for interim period effective,” Google said in its filing. The dispute has been batted back and forth seven times between Google and the SEC, most recently on January 30.

In this most recent filing, Google admitted that the two sides are at an impasse. “We have not resolved the comment,” Google said in the filing. “We believe that we properly account for our income taxes. We will continue to work to resolve these comments with the SEC.”

14 Windows Command Line Tricks

Tim Fehlman has a great website called Daily Cup of Tech. It is chock full of how-to’s, tutorials, neat tricks, and helpful hints for anyone who wants to make their time on the computer more productive. More importantly, he writes in a fashion that even old farts like me can follow. Here is today’s article from the Daily Cup….Windows command line tricks (to make your life a little easier). Thanks Tim. Keep up the great work.


Matthew Inman of SEOmoz recently wrote Web Developers: 13 Command Line Tricks You Might Not Know. This was an excellent post which can really make your life easier in the *NIX world. But, for many, it is a Windows kind of life. So, for those of you out there, I have put together some Windows command line tricks that might make your life easier.


While you’re there be sure to check out the many helpful links to previous DCoT articles. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection for Website of the week, Daily Cup of Tech. Enjoy.

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How cool is this?

TVU Player gives you free Cable TV……. direct to your PC.

Looking for a cheap and easy way to watch TV from your home PC? Can’t afford cable? Well TVU and the TVU Player offers free P2P streaming of many of your favorite cable TV channels.

From FOX to the USA network, from Comedy Central to the Cartoon Network, it has all the “pillars” of cable TV without all the bills.


I’ve got the Saints-Bears game on right now. Very cool, indeed.

The download takes about 5 minutes, so be patient. Unzip the file and follow the install directions. Then, just select your channel, and watch free TV.

Wonders of modern technology… Love it

Hillary on Youtube

h/t struggle (FR)

hillary makes it official 

SlingCatcher. PC/video enthusiasts take notice

Slingcatcher brings PC-to-TV vids for $200.

SlingCatcher represents a different approach to the merging of television and computers than other attempts, such as Microsoft’s Media Center and Apple’s upcoming iTV . The former uses a Windows PC as a personal video recording device, and can stream video—although unfortunately not videos encoded with DivX or Xvid—wirelessly to a television through the use of a Media Center Extender such as the one found in the Xbox 360. Apple’s solution leverages the iTunes Video Store to allow users to view content that they have purchased online, but it is build atop QuickTime and is not expected to play or stream video in other formats.

The SlingCatcher, on the other hand, is media-agnostic. It doesn’t care what codec videos are encoded with, nor whether or not they have been purchased from an approved online store. It is designed to take video output and stream it, which means that you could use the SlingCatcher with video purchased from other online services, such as the iTunes Store or CinemaNow. In this way, the SlingCatcher may turn out to be a one-size-fits-all solution in a field populated with specialty products.

See other cool tech/vid stuff at SlingMedia .

It isn’t as much fun as going to the building supply store, but it ain’t bad either.

Somali Police Killer Suspect- new information.

In 100 ways this stinks to high heaven.

A Somali asylum seeker wanted for the murder of WPc Sharon Beshenivsky is believed to have fled Britain dressed as a woman wearing a Muslim niqab, which covers the whole face apart from the eyes.

Four of his fellow gang members face life imprisonment for the shooting during a bungled raid on a travel agency.

Mustaf Jama, 26, was allowed to stay in Britain despite serving four jail terms in six years after arriving with his family on a false passport.

If this is true it means this guy fled to the very country the U.K. wouldn’t deport him to because of his ‘human rights’. Go figure.

TIME Person of the Year: You


NEW YORK (AP) — Congratulations! You are the Time magazine “Person of the Year.”

annual honor for 2006 went to each and every one of us, as Time cited
the shift from institutions to individuals — citizens of the new
digital democracy, as the magazine put it. The winners this year were
anyone using or creating content on the World Wide Web.


That would include each and every one of you who are reading this blog, as well as each of you reading and contributing to NowPublic.

So, from Nuke to all of you, Congratulations! Job well done. 2006 was a hoot. And, in the immortal words of Ronald Reagan, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.

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10 Tech Concepts You Need to Know for 2007

Bendable Concrete

The nickname for Engineered Cementitious Composites (ECC) is self-explanatory: bendable concrete. Specially coated microscopic polymer fibers slide past each other instead of snapping under stress, so ECC bends without breaking. The material has been used to create stretchable expansion joints for a Michigan bridge, and to allow the coupling beams in a 41-story tower in Yokohama to flex during Japan’s frequent earthquakes.

PRAM (Phase-Change Random Access Memory)

Flash memory, with no moving parts to break or wear down, is the data storage technology of choice for devices such as iPods and digital cameras. But phase-change RAM is set to overtake flash entirely—it uses a chemical found in rewritable discs, which is alternately heated and cooled to store data. The result is memory that’s 30 times faster than flash, with more than 10 times the life span.

Printed Solar Panels

Tomorrow’s solar panels may not need to be produced in high-vacuum conditions in billion-dollar fabrication facilities. If California-based Nanosolar has its way, plants will use a nanostructured “ink” to form semiconductors, which would be printed on flexible sheets. Nanosolar is currently building a plant that will print 430 megawatts’ worth of solar cells annually—more than triple the current solar output of the entire country.

Passport Hacking

Starting this year, all new U.S. passports will include a radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip


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Really interesting article from Popular Mechanics.  Read it all. 

So, you want to have a podcast?

But, you don’t know where to start?

Welcome to Web 2.0. So many new applications, and new Betas constantly hitting the market, it is a real challenge to keep up. The internet is constantly changing, and growing at a phenominal rate. Check out these stats from Blogpulse:

Total identified blogs: 38,204,413
New blogs in last 24 hours: 44,003
Blog posts indexed in last 24 hours: 764,802

Mind-boggling numbers, indeed. And, even though there are predictions that 2007 will see a leveling off of new blog activity, I think that only shows that the percentage rate will be declining because the overall number of blogs will be so much higher.

So, what is a podcast? Is it something you want to know about, or participate in? One thing for sure, the internet is one of the more democratic forms of communication out there. Anyone can participate, anyone can have a blog, and it is absolutely an inexpensive way to reach out and affect the opinions of others. Same with podcastsing. It is just like blogging, except that your recorded voice is the medium rather than the computer screen. And, it is equally inexpensive to do.

But how? I ran across a great blog over at my Pageflakes site called “Howstuffworks”. Their article shows you exactly how to create your own podcast–everything you need to know.   Here is the link. Check it out.

Create Your Own Wireless Hotspot in 10 minutes

“ is a service that enables the creation of wireless hotspots.
To create your own hotspot, download the free 2hotspot wifi software (for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 2003, or Windows 2000).

2 hotspot software supports all wireless routers and access points.
Don’t have an access point? You can start with just a wifi card!.”


on-line help

NowPublic is NowAwesome!

Many of you know what a fan I am of the Citizen Journalism news site “The News is NowPublic”. I’ve posted quite a few articles there, and cross-posted entries from this blog as well.

One of the criticisms of NowPublic has been that the blogging software was on the cumbersome side. I’ve said it, and a number of you have said it also. Well, that has changed. I just logged in to my NP account, and…WOW.

Take a look for yourselves

You’ve heard me say for some time now that “user-driven” news stories now account for over half of the stories that are reported in the daily news cycle. Here is your opportunity to make a difference, and give needed attention to stories and ideas that are drowned out in the digg-driven hype of the left blogosphere, and not only with your words, but also with photos and videos. So, Get Busy, and Spread The Word!

Update: With this little button you can change the news highlight-button-sm.gif


Just download this highlight button and grab anything on the web you think is news. One click gets your story started, and connects you to a worldwide network of eyewitness reporters.

(And, while you’re there, be sure to check out the introductory video by Victoria Revay.)

Progress Report

The project that y’all were helping with is coming right along.

Please click on this link.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated .


What are Your Favorite Blogs?

I need your help.

I’m working on an idea for a project that I think might be very interesting to y’all, and will also give you an opportunity to participate in the blogosphere whether you are a blogger, commenter, reader, lurker, whatever.

This will also help to answer to answer questions about “What is Web 2.0” and “Why is it important to the conservative blogosphere”.

Please take a few moments and give me the names of some of your favorite news/political blogs.

I’m going to adjust the spam filter to allow unlimited linkage in the comments section, but if one of your posts happens to get caught up in the filter, just let me know.




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