Attn Bloggers: Check Out BlogBackupOnline

Last summer’s best new blog service is shedding it’s Beta label.

If you have a blog and you aren’t sure that your blog provider will always have a backup in case of a crash, head over to BlogBackupOnline pronto. The site is straightforward: Log in, enter information about your blog, and the site diligently backs it up every day (provided that you use one of the 11 supported blogging services–Blogger, Friendster, LiveJournal, Movable Type, Multiply, Serendipity, Terapad, TypePad, Vox, Windows Live Space, or WordPress).

The site is also a great tool if you ever decide to move your blog from one platform to another. After you’ve backed up your blog, BlogBackupOnline can bring all of your old entries into the new service.

I got an email today from Head Honcho Aaron Newman who sent along some interesting news: BlogBackupOnline is moving out of BETA!

BBO “Basic” will continue to be a FREE service, and will include will include up to 5 MB of storage.

Additionally, Aaron says that BBO will begin offering premium services tailored for larger users (for a small fee).

I’ve been using BBO since last June, and they have saved my bacon – TWICE. Speaking as someone who lost 6 weeks of archives (before I found BlogBackupOnline), I just can’t say enough good stuff about BBO. It’s user-friendly, automatic, and as I mentioned previously, it’s FREE.

If you have a blog, you really owe it to yourselves to check it out.


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Website of the week

Continuing on the preparedness theme, not long ago, I came across an interesting link over at BGG’s place. Since then, I’ve spent quite a bit more time looking at the different pages, and realizing the gaps in my own personal preparedness plan. The proprietor of the site explains it this way:

Our goal has been to make this web site a complete, illustrated survival guide for the New Millennium. The text and photos on this site should be enough to convince you of two things: (1) Preparation for future catastrophes is necessary; and (2) it should be obvious that I take the self-reliant lifestyle seriously. What is presented on this site is not an exercise in theoretical concepts, but rather the representation of what we do ourselves.

Those of you who are prepared can survive power outages, unemployment, and natural disasters. In the event of civil disobedience, or the alternative (or corollary?), Martial Law, you won’t have to go out of the house for supplies. You will be ready for most anything.

And, with that introduction, it is my pleasure to present this selection for Website of the Week:

Miles Stair’s ETR–A Guide to Self-reliant Living. Enjoy.


14 Windows Command Line Tricks

Tim Fehlman has a great website called Daily Cup of Tech. It is chock full of how-to’s, tutorials, neat tricks, and helpful hints for anyone who wants to make their time on the computer more productive. More importantly, he writes in a fashion that even old farts like me can follow. Here is today’s article from the Daily Cup….Windows command line tricks (to make your life a little easier). Thanks Tim. Keep up the great work.


Matthew Inman of SEOmoz recently wrote Web Developers: 13 Command Line Tricks You Might Not Know. This was an excellent post which can really make your life easier in the *NIX world. But, for many, it is a Windows kind of life. So, for those of you out there, I have put together some Windows command line tricks that might make your life easier.


While you’re there be sure to check out the many helpful links to previous DCoT articles. I hope you enjoy this week’s selection for Website of the week, Daily Cup of Tech. Enjoy.

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How cool is this?

TVU Player gives you free Cable TV……. direct to your PC.

Looking for a cheap and easy way to watch TV from your home PC? Can’t afford cable? Well TVU and the TVU Player offers free P2P streaming of many of your favorite cable TV channels.

From FOX to the USA network, from Comedy Central to the Cartoon Network, it has all the “pillars” of cable TV without all the bills.


I’ve got the Saints-Bears game on right now. Very cool, indeed.

The download takes about 5 minutes, so be patient. Unzip the file and follow the install directions. Then, just select your channel, and watch free TV.

Wonders of modern technology… Love it

Counterterrorism Blog – The Real Deal

Jeffery Imm points to some well-deserved kudos:

US News and World Report listed the Counterterrorism Blog as one of the “Best Blogs of ’06” for best “investigative reporting” and “jihadist” research information. As cited by David E. Kaplan, while there are many web sites with “instant experts in counterterrorism”, on the Counterterrorism Blog – “here’s the real deal: some two dozen analysts, scholars, and investigators who have tracked terrorism around the world for years.”

I, for one, agree wholeheartedly. And as a bonus, we get to read Bill Roggio’s excellent front-line reporting.

Congratulations for a job well-done, and best wishes for your continued success in 2007.

CTB is listed in the sidebar blogroll, plus, you can follow the daily syndication by clicking on the “Page Flakes” icon at the top right. This week’s selection for Nuke’s Website of the Week: Counterterrorism Blog.

Angel has a great piece on muslim moderates

Ummah News Links — Nuke’s website of the week

Welcome Back UNL. We’ve been missing you.

A regular part of my daily briefing on the news of the day went silent a few months ago, and I’m very happy to welcome them back to the front lines in the daily news and information confrontation in the struggle against islamic fascism, and their allies in the leftist blogosphere. I highly recommend that Ummah News Links become an entry to your favorites list, or, if you are a blogger, a listing on your blogroll.

from UNL :

Keith Ellison encourages crowd to push for justice: “Allahu akbar” was the reply of many in the crowd.

Speaking in Dearborn late Sunday night, the first Muslim elected to Congress told a cheering crowd of Muslims they should remain steadfast in their faith and push for justice.

“You can’t back down, you can’t chicken out, you can’t be afraid, you got to have faith in Allah, and you got to stand up and be a real Muslim,” Detroit native Keith Ellison said to loud applause.

“Allahu akbar” — God is great — was the reply of many in the crowd.

It is my pleasure to present this week’s “Nuke’s Website of the Week”:

Ummah News Links


pingback to Woman Honor Thyself

24eyes, Nuke’s Website of the Week

24 Eyes is an interesting place for someone who wants to be able to scan the news headlines from various sources. I’ve put a launch button in the sidebar if you ever want to check up on breaking headlines, plus finance, sports, and other areas of interest.

24 eyes is also customizable, import your own RSS feeds, add tabs, and make your own newspaper. I’m going to try and figure out if it can be configured with my goodle reader, and have a separate tab just for those sites.

Wonders of modern technology (web 2.0)

And, it is this week’s pick for Website of the Week. 24 Eyes

Update:  I still like 24 Eyes, and I’m not taking away anything from them.  But I also wanted to draw your attention to another site in the same mold as 24E, it’s called Pageflakes, and a launch button is at the top of the sidebar. – nuke



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