Remembering St. Pancake: 10 years later

Rachel Corrie, the fun-loving idealist, the peace-making protector of innocent Arab children, the face of human shields everywhere,  the rich, white, suburban girl who became the matron saint of wannabe Code-Pink martyrs, the Peace Activist™ whose actions still beg the question, “Is it bravery or stupidity to stand in-between a kill-dozer and its intended target?”, Rachel Corrie was flattened 10 years ago today.

St. PancakeYes, that Rachel Corrie.

It has been ten years, and the myth of St. Pancake still lives, strung along by the international left, still intent on the death of the state of Israel, and as many Jews as it takes.

So, Happy St. Pancake Day! Have a stack of Aunt Jemimahs and walk out on the tab.

Blame it on the Zionists.

Blame it on Bush.

Rachel Corrie lives!

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  1. That’s to00o funny, I just posted this at UG and came here to do the same thing.
    You quick, Nuke.

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  3. […] Nuke’s: Remembering St. Pancake: 10 years later […]

  4. Nuke, I know this is left field for this post but do I need to create a gmail account to talk to you by email? I have tried a couple of ways get your email and it wants me to sign up which I have to many emails already. Reason is I spent the last 10 days in the Dawg pound around the Centreville Ms. area. Yes, even found a dang good barbeque and diner in that area. Rumor has it that I might be back real soon.

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