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Has Zawahiri assumed RT?

Thanos offers some informed speculation….”Did we get Zawahiri this morning?”

Earlier there were several news stories regarding a missile strike in Pakistan, six miles north of Wana in the Kaloshah area of Azam Warshak, Shero Village.

Everyone is holding their breath wondering who we got, and Jawa report has speculation that Adam Gadahn is in multiple pieces.

I’m going to up the ante, by wondering if we didn’t get Ayman Al Zawahiri this morn; note this newstory from The Nation:

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Barack Obama’s anti-gun friends at the Joyce Foundation

I ran across an interesting blurb over at Free Republic, and I thought it was worth bringing to your attention…

The source is David Horowitz’s most excellent “Discover the Networks” website .

Beatrice Joyce Kean established the Joyce Foundation in 1948 after accumulating hundreds of millions of dollars in the lumber industry (via family-owned timberlands, plywood and saw mills, and wholesale and retail building-material distribution facilities). During her lifetime, most of Ms. Kean’s modestly small philanthropic gifts were to apolitical recipients such as hospitals and health organizations. After her death in 1972, a professional staff took control of the Foundation and began to move it toward the political left. At first, universities and cultural institutions were added to its roster of grant recipients. A few years later, radical environmentalist and conservation groups entered the picture, as eventually did organizations dedicated to social justice, prison reform, and increased funding for government and social services, particularly for minorities. A notable recent member of the Joyce Foundation’s Board of Directors was Barack Obama, who ran successfully as the Democratic candidate for an Illinois Senate seat in 2004.

Today the Joyce Foundation seeks to “suppor[t] efforts to protect the natural environment of the Great Lakes, to reduce poverty and violence in the region, and to ensure that its people have access to good schools, decent jobs, and a diverse and thriving culture.” The Foundation has six main Giving Programs toward which it directs its philanthropy:

(a) The Environmental Program funds organizations that oppose the use of land for such endeavors as logging, mining, construction, and oil exploration; many of these groups are hostile to a capitalist economic model as well. The Environmental Program warns of global warming — which it attributes largely to pollution created by industrial endeavors — and advocates the increased use of bicycles and mass transit as transportation alternatives to cars.

(b) The Anti-Gun Program seeks to drive small gun dealerships out of business by placing the firearms industry completely under consumer product health and safety oversight. It misrepresents the findings of research on gun-related deaths by failing to distinguish between gun-related deaths among inner-city gang members, where the death rates from shootings are astronomical, and gun-related deaths among members of the general population, which are relatively rare. As a result, it depicts gun violence as a national epidemic, thereby creating a perceived justification for what it hopes will be the erosion of Second Amendment rights.

Thursday Linkage

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Apparently if you are a Democrat, you are required to have a plan for universal healthcare. At least according to Hillary Clinton. By the way .. .”universal health care” is just another way for Democrats to say “nationalized health care.”

House Minority Leader John Boehner has given the Republicans the proverbial kick in the butt and told them to start raising money for the National Republican Congressional Committee.

The President of Sudan has decided that the Danes are no longer welcome in his country after publishing the “blasphemous” cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Here’s an example of the United Nations and its handling of business deals. The UN seems to think that this business man had $50 million to spare for a project in Iraq.

I’ve received many emails asking me to post this video from a man in Great Britain talking about Muslim accommodations in his country.

Fark had a great line for this story: If your lawyer opens your defense by claiming that 9/11 was an inside job, you might want to re-think your choice of counsel.

A wheelchair ramp in San Francisco City Hall is going to cost $100,000 per foot … the ramp in 10 feet long. Can you do the math? That’s $1 million for a wheelchair ramp. Thanks to a listener for bringing this to our attention.

For your daily Muslim outrage … a university professor in Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 180 lashes and eight months in prison for having coffee with a female student.

You’ll be delighted to know that al Qaeda has issued a death sentence against the Dutch politician Geert Wilders … whose film about the Koran has yet to be released. But they have already determined that it is bad enough for him to be killed.

How much taxpayer money are we going to spend to replace 84,000 brand new bulletproof vests that the Marines say are too heavy and impractical?

If you are the mayor of an American town (or any town for that matter) it is probably not a good idea to be found by the police in a public place, passed out in a puddle of what was your dinner.

Massachusetts refused to pay $20,000 for an inmate to have a sex change operation to change him back into a man … instead it would rather pay $52,000 to fight his lawsuit.

I can’t decide which part of this story is worse … the fact that this mother gave her child a Mohawk or the fact that she is sending him to government school. I think I’m going to go with the government school.

A ninth grader in Tennessee has been charged with theft and sent before a judge for taking a 40-cent lunch at his government school. The school has a no tolerance policy against theft.

Apparently the British can’t get enough of American pick-up trucks. One of their main appeals has to do with taxes.

Yesterday on the program we were talking about that FOX show “The Moment of Truth.” Well the woman who ruined her marriage says that she did it for fame and fortune.

Here’s the story about the father that shot a motorcyclist that followed his teenage daughters home.

Here’s a pretty cool short (3 min) video of British people aged 1 to 100 presented in order of age. Is it just me or do the Brits from their 20s to 40s look a little rough?


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RIP: Wm F. Buckley, Jr. 1925-2008

Writing at NRO, Kathryn Lopez reports the passing of a conservative legend…

wfb.jpgI’m devastated to report that our dear friend, mentor, leader, and founder William F. Buckley Jr., died this morning in his study in Stamford, Connecticut.

He died while at work; if he had been given a choice on how to depart this world, I suspect that would have been exactly it. At home, still devoted to the war of ideas.

As you might expect, we’ll have much more to say here and in NR in the coming days and weeks and months. For now: Thank you, Bill. God bless you, now with your dear Pat. Our deepest condolences to Christopher and the rest of the Buckley family. And our fervent prayer that we continue to do WFB’s life’s work justice.

So say we all.

Dem debate liveblogging

watch live on msnbc

The Democrat Debate in Ohio

The first 15 minutes dealt with socialized medicine, mandates, and Hillary was on the attack early and often.
Mrs. Clinton displayed her inner-wonk, and dominated the conversation. On a cut to Obama, the camera caught an expression on his face that showed a near eye-roll as he gave an “okie-doke” glance to the moderator.

The next question to Hillary was about NAFTA, and Hillary protested about having to go first, comparing the debate to the SNL skit. There was an awkwardness that was uncomfortable to watch. Neither candidate committed to pulling out of NAFTA, but the more Obama talked, the less sense he made.

More to come…

Foreign policy questions regarding Iraq and Pakistan were next, and both responses were painfully naive. Clinton said, “I would have been tougher on Musharref.”

[I wonder how much tougher we could have been on the Paks. They were not an ally of ours in 2001. Cheney basically told them to get on board or get bombed to the stone age.]

On getting out of Iraq, Obama said, “We will be as careful getting out as we were careless getting in.”

Clinton repeated that there is no military solution in Iraq.

Finally a tough question from Russert, and Hillary balked with a response about not answering “hypothetical questions,” then parried to criticize Obama for not holding oversight meetings re Afghanistan on the SFRC.

Obama responded by saying he has been campaigning, and has taken his argument to “the people.” Neither candidate answered the question, but Obama came closer than Clinton.

Commercial Break….

[First take….remember the Gore-Bush debate when Al thought he scored a hit by chiming in with “what about the XX bill?” It was an arcane piece of legislation that no one knew anything about, except Gore. Hillary is filling the Gore role tonight.]

Next segment, the mods tried to play gotcha.

Hillary pressed to release tax returns and documents at the national archive.

She said she would urge that this be done as soon as possible. [that‘s gonna happen]

Obama questioned about Farakhan and NOI.

His response was OK, but Hillary parried to talk about rejecting the support of the Independence Party during her Senate run. Hillary scored a rare point.

Next Commercial Break…

On Obama’s “Liberal” voting record, how can you run a General Election campaign?

Obama says he and Clinton differed on only 2 votes. The ratings are “silly,” and the “categories don;t make sense…”

On Russia, Hillary was asked about Putin’s successor…she claimed that Medevev would be Putin’s puppet.

Obama was critical of Bush, and made no new points. So if Russia sends troops to Serbia, Obama said he would

“Work with the international community” and say “that’s unacceptable.” [Kerry Global Test?]

[final take: On what government is supposed to be about. Obama summed it up well. He made the points I needed to hear as to why a Democrat should not be elected in 2008.

Hillary said she would like to have her Iraq vote back. Obama said he would like to have his Terry Schiavo vote back.

Hillary won the debate on substance. The High-def TV is not kind to her. Obama won the debate on style. The camera loves him.]

more at Fox ,

see also, Ben Smith

Tuesday Open

Another Zerobama photo, (h/t sweetness&light)



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